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Alana Schmidt
App that acts as a secure alternative store for Android apps. Sign in and check out how to download Appvn APK for free.

Appvn is an Android app that acts as an alternate app repository for the system. The app provides a free apk file of many popular apps on Google's mobile system.

Apk is an extension that corresponds to the Android app installer file. Appvn is a website, service and app that brings together leading mobile apps as well as Google Play itself.

Apps are organized into several categories and downloaded directly from the Appvn interface. Downloaded applications can also be updated via Appvn, which also finds updates for applications previously installed on your device.

After you install Appvn on your smartphone or tablet, all you have to do is locate the app you want to install. Once you find the app you want, simply select the download function and wait for the files to download.

Download Appvn

It is important that during application installation you grant the accesses requested by Appvn. Some devices even require additional permissions to add apps from unknown sources. This is essential for Appvn to be able to install the requested applications. With Appvn you have access to apps in a unique way, free of regions, free of blocking by compatibility and the best, for free.

Our opinion about Appvn

Appvn is an Android app that acts as an alternative store to Google Play. Unlike the official operating system store, Appvn has no cost for downloads.

This type of app is common on Android and is used by users who want to find new download sources for their apps. It is important that you consider that installing apps via apk files is not a safe way to proceed as natively Android is blocked for installing apps from unknown sources.

At your own risk

If you still want to download any app, even those that appear to be incompatible with your device on Google Play, Appvn may be an alternative way to bypass not only device locking, but also by region and cost.

Appvn's interface resembles that of other applications of its kind, but it could certainly look more organized and functional. Using the application is very simple, so once you make all the necessary authorizations to install the applications, everything is very fast and simple.

Appvn is an app for anyone who wants access to a larger catalog of Android apps, and without paying for it. Remembering once again that using this type of application may compromise the security of your device, but if you don't worry about it, you may have a way to get more apps and games for your gadget.

Pro & Cons


  • Simple to use
  • Access to multiple apps for free


  • May compromise your safety
  • Interface a bit confusing

Interest over time

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