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  • Picture Silvio Flores dos Santos
    Silvio Flores dos Santos 9 de fevereiro de 2016 - 00:07
    Rating Excellent!
    Pessoal, alguns reclama da interface e sim, precisa fazer uns ajustes para ficar do jeito que você gosta. Claro, que estou falando de opções um pouco mais avançadas, como por exemplo o comentário do amigo (jotameirafns) que disse que prefere o Winrar por não precisar "seguir a seta" que na verdade é abrir em cascata. Pois bem, basta acessar OPÇÕES do programa e marcar a caixa que diz ÍCONE NO MENU DE CONTEXTO. Pronto! resolve o problema. É o melhor sem dúvida.
  • Picture Lucas
    Lucas 6 de novembro de 2014 - 19:13
    Rating Poor!
    Tentei baixar e instalar esse programa várias vezes. Só o que consegui foi modificar meu mecanismo de pesquisa padrão e instalar mais de 10 malwares no meu sistema. Sorte minha que o Avast! pegou, se não, tava ferrado.


Equipe Baixaki
An efficient alternative to compress and decompress files

7-Zip is a completely free application to compress and decompress files, supporting several popular compression formats.

In addition, the program also brings its own mechanism to reactivate the task, which is responsible for the name of the application.

So you can count on an alternative to those cases where you need to send a compressed file to save space or when you receive an item that needs to be unzipped. The program is very light and will not consume many resources of your computer during use, which makes it a good option even for more modest machines.

Beware of the extras

During the installation process, five screens are displayed in sequence, offering extra items to the procedure. Through them, you can add the "Baidu antivirus", "SweetPage", "Foxwebber", "PennyBee" and "Gameo" to the process, also inserting these items into your computer.

Atenção aos extras

If you do not want these changes, in each of the items use the "I do not accept" button, until the offers are finalized. That done, just continue the procedure normally.

Friendly interface

Uploading large files via the internet is not easy; because few services are able to support the transmission of documents that exceed a relatively low limit. So using a compactor can make all the difference between successfully completing this task and being a good alternative when you put items on a storage medium.

Tela principal do programa

If you're tired of dealing with paid-for-the-job programs or are looking for another option to do it, it's time to get to know 7-Zip. The application has been in the market for some years and has always demonstrated its efficiency in the service. Everything is done through a well organized interface and similar to that presented by other software in this category.

The program has several function menus, but still its main alternatives are displayed in button form for easy viewing. It supports a number of formats for both processes, as well as offering its own model, the 7z, which provides more compression for text documents.

Doing compressions

To compress a file, open the program and use the file tree displayed on the screen to locate the desired item. Once done, select it and click the "Add" button in the application toolbar. Then, note that a new window opens so you can choose the operation parameters.

Parâmetros de compressão

You can also set the desired compression level and method to be used. In the same way, it is possible to choose details such as dictionary size, word size and solid block, number of threads used in the procedure and memory used. If desired there is the possibility of dividing the content into volumes.

Among other options, you can delete the original item after compacting and updating the document. The program also allows you to choose a password to protect the document and indicate the encryption method to be applied. When everything is as you want, click "OK". Once this is done, the operation starts automatically.

Unpacking and additional items

The beginning of the decompression process is very similar to that of compression. First, you must select the file to extract from the main program screen. Then click the "Extract" button and, after that, a new window will open. There, you can indicate where the material should be stored.


Even though you can perform the operations offered by the program directly on your interface, it also provides the main tools through the context menu. In addition to the central functions, the application still brings a number of interesting options, including a Benchmark test.

Our opinion about 7-Zip

7-Zip is a good alternative to traditional file compression and decompression programs. Its advantages already start in that it is entirely free and you do not have to worry about restricted functions or with message windows informing about the expiration of the test version.

Its interface is simple, but besides being very intuitive, it still has a good organization of functions. Even if the options are separated in their menus, the main items to perform the tasks offered are placed directly on the screen in the form of buttons, making it easy to use, even for beginners.

In addition, access to file compression and decompression functions can also be done through Windows context menus. However, depending on the default program for the task currently on your computer, you may need to select 7-Zip as the software to be used for these options to be displayed.

Another great advantage of the application is the number of formats supported for decompression, making it very flexible. Although it does not have many types available for compression, it still brings the most commonly used models. All the processes were executed very quickly, even in the case of those larger files, without wishing to be compared with the traditional programs used for these functions.

It is ready for use and offers a series of adjustments that can be carried out in its functions, in order to make the results more suitable to your style of use. So if you're looking for an alternative to file compression and unpacking, then 7-Zip certainly has great potential for the task.

Pro & Cons


  • Efficiency
  • Several shortcuts
  • Supports multiple formats


  • We didn't find any negatives.

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