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  • Picture JOZILAN
    JOZILAN 10 de dezembro de 2014 - 06:05
    Rating Excellent!
    voce tambem poderá fazer busca dentro dele sem abrir ele tipo assim: no campo pesquisa dentro do windows explore voce pesquisa 0,88 ele pesquisa também dentro de arquivos pdf 0,88 e te mostra otimo ....
  • Picture ROCK TESTAI
    ROCK TESTAI 3 de janeiro de 2012 - 11:45
    Rating Poor!
    Na versao anterior, nunca tive problemas em abrir e gerenciar arquivos pdf. agora nesta versao que ja carreguei varias vezes, e nao acho solucao para um bloqueio que da a seguinte mensagem : !! Ha um problema com o acrobat/reader. Se ele estiver em execucao, saia e tente novamente (1074724867:3) ja tentei n vezes e nada!!!!


Luciano De Sampaio Soares
New version of the most used PDF reader in the world Now with enhanced security and in Portuguese

For more options that exist for reading PDF documents, it is not possible to say that any of them is actually better - at least technically - than the tool developed by the creators of the format. Adobe Reader XI further increases the distance between it and its competitors by becoming more agile and more secure, without losing functionality.

The advantages of Adobe Reader XI have been realized since the application was first booted. Software loading is much faster, both in windows as well as as a plugin in browsers.

Adobe Reader X


Opening PDF files has already been considered a quiet and safe activity. But with the advancement of technology and new options the format has brought - such as video viewing and form filling - threats and weaknesses hitherto unknown began to be exploited by malicious people.

Because multimedia features and document interaction use definitions and libraries from other programs in addition to the PDF reader, data exchange between Adobe Reader and libraries, for example, allowed malicious code to take advantage of that loophole to include viruses or other malware on the computer that opened that document.

Adobe Reader X

Adobe Reader XI uses a well-known method - the sandbox - to reduce this risk. Adobe Reader XI's "Enhanced security" is very similar to the existing "sandbox" mode in Chrome and other applications for Windows 7 and Vista, limiting the access of information from documents to other parts of the computer.

This mode is standard since the application was first initialized, but can be reconfigured in the preferences of Adobe Reader XI.

Socializing information

Sharing has been a trend in the online world for a long time, and now comes to the Adobe document reader. Thanks to the integration with the SendNow service, sending very large files to a group of users, depending on the account classification in the company service, becomes as easy as sending an email.

Adobe Reader X

When the file to be shared is not so large as to require SendNow or an FTP, the document can be automatically attached to an e-mail message, also with a simple click.

Another interesting possibility that appears for the first time in Adobe Reader XI is the creation of PDF files from the official online conversion service. Adobe CreatePDF allows you to create PDFs directly from Adobe Reader XI, or programs such as Word or Excel using the "Print to PDF" option.


Though possible in earlier versions of the program, annotations have been enhanced in Reader XI. A side panel displays annotation tools - "Sticky Note" or "Highlight Text" - and a list of all notes made in the document, making it easy to find a particular citation or important passage of the text.

Adobe Reader X

Likewise, the copy of images or text passages in Reader XI also received news. The "Take snapshot" tool within the "Edit" menu copies a region selected by the user to the clipboard. When you paste this area, an image is positioned, reproducing the chosen content.

Digital books

In addition to security and speed, Adobe Reader XI leverages concepts from Adobe Digital Editions and other company experiences in the world of e-books in "Read Mode". Featuring fewer on-screen controls, the application offers a more enjoyable interface for continued reads.

Adobe Reader X

Even if it is not a real substitute for software dedicated to digital book reading, in a time of extreme need or impossibility when installing Digital Editions, Reader XI can serve as an alternative.

Other changes

There are new features that can be easily noticed by those who already know the software, but since there are a reasonable number of new features, it may be better to check them in the list below. After all, you will not want to miss any new features, right? Here they go:

  • improvements in filling, signing and recording forms;
  • possibility of creating PDFs or exporting such files in Word and Excel compatible documents;
  • comments functions now have stamps, possibility of attachments and even audio recordings; and
  • improved protection mode with data theft prevention functions.

Brazilian Portuguese

Another big plus of the latest version released by Adobe is the support for new 23 languages, which can reach the audience of 38 countries. And to our satisfaction, the Brazilian Portuguese is among them.

Our opinion about Adobe Reader XI

Adobe Reader XI is, for most users, everything one day will be needed in terms of PDF files. Outside of publishers, design studios, printers, and other environments where documents in the format are the final product (or raw material) of the work, all basic needs for using PDF are present in the application.

Despite the little update in the program interface, feature innovations in the tenth version of Adobe Reader place the essential part of the PDF experience - forms, document conversion, annotations and sharing - within the reach of users, regardless of the purchase of an application, as it was until the previous version and with Adobe Acrobat.

In short, by linking what you want to the quality of Adobe development, Reader XI is one of the top recommendations for free software when it comes to PDF.

Pro & Cons


  • Improved security mode ensures protection against malware in PDF files
  • Annotations and copy content to the clipboard
  • Sharing files with one click, via email or Adobe SendNow
  • Read mode
  • Quick start and integration with browsers


  • We didn't find any negatives.

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