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  • Picture Dione dos Santos
    Dione dos Santos 15 de julho de 2014 - 15:31
    Rating Excellent!
    Gostei muito bom, até o momento supera outros do genero e que começaram a cobrar valores absurdos pelo serviço premium. Mas o app é muito bom rapido e super leve só espero que quando sair do BETA não cobre valores absurdos por mais recursos
  • Picture Joemil
    Joemil 18 de julho de 2014 - 14:21
    Rating Good!
    bom tb pro nao precisar de instalacao, mas a falta de transferencia de arquivo faz mta falta pra quem presta suporte. uso o Ammy Admin, na primeira q vc conecta, ele pede pra confirmar, mas tem a opcao de "relembrar" o id de quem conectou e na proxima nao precisa mais confirmar, alem de ser "gratuito" (a versao paga nao é cara)


Leonardo Müller
Control the desktop of any PC through the web without any effort

AnyDesk is a tool that allows you to remotely control any computer running Windows, Linux or OS X and even portable devices such as iOS and Android tablets.

The app basically connects two computers and mirrors the desktop from one to the other and with this you have full control over the other device and can even hear the sounds emitted by the controlled device.

You can still control multiple at the same time by opening any new AnyDesk windows. This is done through the "+" button in the upper left corner of the app window. Still, whenever you disconnect from a computer, its records are stored in the program, allowing you to connect to it more quickly in the future, avoiding to open multiple windows simultaneously to avoid wasting time.

AnyDesk - Imagem 1 do software

Start a session

To start a new connection, you need to run AnyDesk - it does not require installation, but if you wish, you can install it anyway - and check the ID that appears in the "This workspace" field. If you are controlling someone else's PC, ask for this ID for them and paste them into the next field. If it is otherwise, you are the one who must provide the ID for the controller.

After picking up and pasting the ID of who you will control, click "Connect" and wait for the person to accept the call. You will then be able to see that person's Desktop in the AnyDesk window and you will be able to move at will as if you were sitting there.

Note, however, that there may be delays and to communicate with this person, you must use a chat or even make a call to the other user, since AnyDesk does not have an integrated messenger.

Our opinion about AnyDesk

AnyDesk is a great solution for anyone who needs to help somebody in front of the PC but can not move there for that. The tool can guarantee full access to anyone's computer through the internet, basically the same way as with TeamViewer .

The difference between the two programs is that AnyDesk is simpler and more straightforward. It has a more intuitive interface that is very reminiscent of Google Chrome , even working with a tab system to open extra content. However, it is not possible to control more than one Remote Desktop in the same window, and the program automatically opens a second one for this purpose. Aesthetically, this interface is very pleasing to the eye, counting on solid colors and well spaced elements.

Works well

In our tests, AnyDesk worked perfectly well, without any interruption in the connection. Despite this, the sounds emitted by the controlled computer take a while to get to the controller, but this was already expected because it is a service that works via the internet.

It is interesting to note that AnyDesk does not need to be installed to work. Despite this, some functions, such as the one that starts connections automatically, are only possible after installation. Either way, the remote control works with the program just running as a portable app.

Pro & Cons


  • Works without interruption
  • Simple and functional interface
  • Allows you to control multiple computers at once
  • No installation required
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems


  • No chat

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