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  • Picture Jhonata Santos Oliveira
    Jhonata Santos Oliveira 28 de dezembro de 2012 - 15:37
    Rating Excellent!
    O CPU-Z é um otímo programa para quem desejar obter descrição de seu hadware e não tem como ficar pagando liçença em outros programas. Mesmo a obteção de um programa gratuito sem por causa de não poder ficar pagando licenças, recomendo para os usuários que gostarem desse programa ou de qualquer outro da CPUID, ajudarem a empresa fazendo um pequena contribuição,pois só assim que o mundo anda para frente, com todos ganhando.
  • Picture Alexandre Rain de Lima
    Alexandre Rain de Lima 21 de julho de 2014 - 21:44
    Rating Good!
    Na minha opinião, o programa é bom para saber as configurações do pc, mas não tem outra utilidade pois o mesmo não faz nada além de mostrar as configurações do pc, ele não ajusta nada para melhorar o desempenho do pc.


Equipe Baixaki
Get to know your own computer better with this free and handy utility

However complex and detailed it is, it is always good to know your computer and all its internal parts further.

You never know when you will need to update the BIOS driver, graphics card, audio components, or other peripherals that make your machine work properly.

At these times, it is essential to know the exact model of each piece that makes up your valuable PC - and it was to facilitate the discovery process that the CPU-Z was created. The utility (which is completely free and runs on all latest versions of the Windows operating system) breaks down all the features of your computer, allowing you to get varied information about the components of your machine.

A interface do programa é separada em guias

Precious Information

There is no secret to using CPU-Z. The application interface is tabbed, each of which corresponds to an essential component of the analyzed computer.

  • CPU - shows processor name, ID code, clock rate, number of cores, cache, etc .;
  • Caches - shows the size and gives a description of the processor caches (information already obtained in the previous tab);
  • Mainboard - model, chipset, southbridge, make, BIOS version and other data about the motherboard of the machine;
  • Memory - type, size, number of channels, frequency and other details of RAM;
  • SPD - tells which slots the memory sticks are allocated in;
  • Graphics - data about the video card (on-board or off-board) installed on your machine.

Exportando seus dados

Saving your data

One of the most interesting features of CPU-Z is the ability to save a report containing all data extracted from your computer. Such a report can be saved in HTML or TXT format. To generate it, visit the last tab (“About”) and click on one of the “Save Report” buttons (there are two, one for each output format).

Our opinion about CPU-Z

CPU-Z is a useful program for any user and indispensable for those who work in computer maintenance. It works amazingly simple, displaying only the information that really matters in a user-friendly, minimalist interface. The newer version - 1.66 - got even better with the addition of the "Graphics" tab, which concerns the reviewed PC graphics card and was sorely missed in older editions of the utility.

To be perfect, only one Portuguese version was missing, as many novice users will not be able to understand some technical terms used to refer to some electronic components. Still, it is worth having this little tool installed on your computer: it will certainly be very useful in times of emergency.

Pro & Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Light and free
  • Detailed and relevant information


  • Interface could be in Portuguese

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+152 Total Rating
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