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  • Picture Jean Marcel Pripko Gomes
    Jean Marcel Pripko Gomes 21 de abril de 2013 - 20:16
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    O directX não é só um programa mais para aqueles que jogam é um completemnto ele FUNCIONA NO WIN7 sim pode baixar ele SIM, e se caso der algum erro na palca de video procure o driver do modelo dap alca de video atualizeo e baixe !!!, ele geralmente não mudam uita ocisa nos jogos apenas traz melhorias ! além dele ser necessario para roda qualquer ocisa ! sem eles só háveria jogos em java D: ele é da MICROSOFT ! não sei la que o cara falo ai em baixo !
  • Picture Filipe Sabino
    Filipe Sabino 5 de novembro de 2011 - 22:16
    Rating Poor!
    meu pc não ta aceitando! sempre q tento instalar aparece: um arquivo de gabinete para a instalação não é confiável. Verifique se os Serviços de Criptografia estão habilitados e que o certificado do arquivo de gabinete é válido. Alguem me ajuda


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DirectX Drivers are a must-have for anyone who owns or wants to have PC games.

Not everyone exchanges their computer for a video game of the current generation, as they always think about the graphic limitation of consoles. However, among so many who choose to equip their computers, many are those who sometimes get angry when installing their games simply see an error message. The culprit of mistakes? On many occasions - not always responsible for the errors - DirectX is the little program behind these types of headaches for the user.

DirectX Operation

DirectX is responsible for making a kind of “bridge” between applications and the physical part of the computer. For everything to run smoothly, the application splits tasks into several smaller applications, ie DirectX is a kind of package with several small programs that perform the task of interpreting the complex part of games and programs that need resources. advanced.

O cubo testa os gráficos

Many know and think that DirectX is only responsible for the graphic part of various programs and games, however, the application is totally connected to the sound part (using DirectSound and DirectSound 3D) and the network communication part (DirectPlay).

DirectX currently operates on the vast majority of audio cards and performs well even on the simplest. In networks there is nothing to consider, it is rare that the card is not compatible with the working mode of DirectX.

In the graphic part the names are already more familiar: DirectDraw (is part of the interpretation of 2D graphics) and Direct3D are in charge. Direct3D is what delivers everything games are today: lush graphics and effects that require a high level of processing.


The capacity of graphics displayed with DirectX is directly proportional to the processing power of your graphics card. As well? Simple, if your card can play the latest games in excellent quality, DirectX will interpret all the graphics your card renders.

Games that use the latest version of DirectX show the real capabilities of the application. Providing realism, stunning effects, amazing simulations and more, it should be noted that the technology presented by DirectX is undoubtedly one of the best on the market.

Solving problems

DirectX is the kind of application that gets constantly updated, because every game that game developers release requires new DLLs (command files to help Windows perform a certain task). Therefore, it is very common when purchasing a game that it already contains in its installation CD the version of DirectX required for its execution.

Despite being largely to blame for the problems, simply installing DirectX makes it easy and solves the vast majority of problems. If after common application installation you still get game errors, you may be fighting the wrong problem. Errors with video card drivers are also common in games.


It often happens that you install DirectX and error persists, so it is good for you to update the application by downloading Direct X End-User Runtime Web Installer, which is responsible for downloading the latest files from Microsoft website.


In addition to the practical test in games, DirectX is subject to basic tests to verify its perfect functioning. To run a quick test just go to "Run" from the Start Menu, or hit "Window + R" and type in the command box the following: dxdiag.

dxdiag: Ferramenta para testes

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