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  • Picture LUIZ BRAGA
    LUIZ BRAGA 12 de julho de 2017 - 01:15
    Rating Excellent!
    Boa noite, amigo RODRIGO! Sobre a sua dúvida referente ao driver easy causar a famosa tela da morte, tenho a dizer que isso não existe com este programa, pois eu o tenho como pago e isso não aconteceu em nenhum momento. Muito provavelmente, sua máquina está ou esteve com problemas que vc. não percebe ou não percebeu. Isto acontece com máquinas de muitas pessoas e elas também não sabem e aí dá algum problema parecendo que é o driver easy que provoca isso, mas não é. Antes, dê uma olhada na parte física e lógica de seu Pc, OK? Forte abraço!
  • Picture Rodrigo
    Rodrigo 23 de fevereiro de 2017 - 14:03
    Rating Poor!
    ja usei outros softwares, mas tive o mesmo problema com a maioria, que é o programa baixa e atualiza os drives como é o objetivo, porem alguns dias depois noto que a o aparecimento de telas azuis famosas (tela da morte), e vejo que ele especifica o problema como erro de drive, ainda não baixei esse para testar, mas gostaria de saber se mais alguém teve esse problema com este driveeasy?


Elaine Martins
Enough to pan the internet behind drivers This excellent program does the heavy lifting for you

It is very difficult to find a user who has never had problems with computer drivers, especially those who are always migrating from one operating system to another. When Windows Vista was released, then people complaining about the lack of drivers were what they did not miss.

Even for newer components, it sometimes gets tricky to find the software to work properly. This can mean hours and hours "poking" sites over the internet and hoping that one of the found drivers will work.

DriverEasy is an application that seeks to make life easier for users precisely in this arduous and tedious task that is the search for drivers over the internet. It does a thorough scan on your computer, looking for devices that are installed but not working properly. Best of all, the program does this automatically!

Without secrets

Using DriverEasy is very simple and requires no hardware knowledge. All of the program's functionality comes down to three buttons: "Scan Now", "Get Drivers" and "Download" or "Install".

DriverEasy - Imagem 1 do software

Another great advantage of the application in relation to the other softwares of the genre is the fact that it takes up little disk space and almost no memory consuming during its execution. Even when you are scanning your computer for problems with drivers, DriverEasy does not interfere with the performance of the machine or other applications.

From the version 2.2.0 of the Driver Easy, have been added some additional functions, which make it even easier and intuitive. One is the ability to automatically extract drivers that are downloaded to ZIP or RAR files. The configuration of this function is simplified and is just a click away.

To facilitate the location of the driver after its download, DriverEasy has added a button called "Open File Location", which opens the folder in which the file was saved after the download has finished. Such a function makes it unnecessary to search for the driver by the user, making the process faster.

Learn to use

After downloading and installing the application, it's time to get your hands on the dough. When opening the program, it is impossible not to notice the "Scan Now" button, located right in the center of the screen. Just below it is a list of all the components supported by the application.

Once the user clicks the "Scan Now" button, DriverEasy starts a full scan of the components and their software to detect any problems and verify that the version of the driver that is installed is the most current one.

After this search, which is done in a few seconds, a report is displayed, which shows if there is any problem or not. If all the components are in perfect order, the program displays a message and you can terminate the application.

DriverEasy - Imagem 2 do software

Otherwise, a screen similar to the one below will be displayed, which indicates which components are not working as they should. The next step is to click on "Get Drivers" and on the next screen choose the "Download" option next to each driver. Ready, with only three clicks the driver conflicts present on the computer have been solved!

Our opinion about DriverEasy

DriverEasy's simple, lightweight, three-button interface lets you install it on any computer, even on those with lower processing power. Users will find no problem in using DriverEasy, since the program does all the work practically alone. Be sure to check out this and other great apps like Device Doctor .

Pro & Cons


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy installation.
  • It has more than ten thousand drivers in the database.


  • There is no translation into Portuguese.

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