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  • Picture gerson
    gerson 22 de novembro de 2016 - 22:05
    Rating Excellent!
    Lembrando que, neste ano 2016, Emule, Torrent, e outros P2P estão na mira do FBI, CIA, Interpol, e aqui no Brasil, que em conjunto com PF, estão monitorando os seus usuários destes tipos de aplicativos e já prenderam muitos aqui no Brasil e no mundo afora.
  • Picture Wellington Ozorio
    Wellington Ozorio 23 de janeiro de 2013 - 18:53
    Rating Poor!
    O emule já foi bom, instalei ele, mas o mesmo não conecta em nenhum servidor, busquei ajuda no google, me informaram que tinha que atualizar os servidores, porém feito isto, mais de nada adiantou. Muito ruim, Talvez quando o fabricante solucionar este problema eu mudo de opinião, se quiserem um programa igual, baixem a versão plus do emule, pelo menos não tive o mesmo problema.


Equipe Baixaki
Simply the most downloaded file sharer on the internet


EMule is undoubtedly one of the most famous peer-to-peer sharers on the internet. As much as the competition with other programs, protocols and technologies is intense, eMule still survives and conquers new users, besides those who already use it and do not give up the tool.

It is still a good choice for those looking for movies, music, games, programs, ebooks and any kind of file. If something is in the virtual world, eMule is able to share it. The sharer has support for skins and a wide range of customizable features, making it one of the first programs to remember when it comes to P2P downloading.

So if you are looking for a program full of differentials, a reference among file sharers, find out why eMule is so famous.


Unique Features

The program is open source and completely free, with a number of alternative versions that enhance certain qualities or modify aspects to satisfy the most varied tastes and user profiles.

EMule is not one of the easiest to use and configure software, but once the user is used to how the interface works, the difficulty tends to decrease. Even so, it is worth checking the articles that Portal Baixaki has already produced, explaining better the operation:

One of the great advantages of eMule is the number of networks it uses to share and download files from connected users. These include ED2K, Source Exchange and Kademlia (which is abbreviated as Kad).

This increases the number of fonts, improving download speed and ensuring more users have the full file, even if it's rare and hard to find. In addition, the program has special tools that enable the integrity testing of downloaded files and the correction of possible errors.


There is also the chat function, a unique chat channel for logged-in users. Chat has been gaining improvements, such as filters for the famous flooders, trollers and spammers, but it's little used - which is a shame as it would be very interesting if eMule embraced the social networking philosophy.

IRC dentro do eMule


The Kad network protocol comes with Obfuscation, which means obfuscating or hiding. This is useful if your internet service provider discriminates against the eMule protocol if they do not identify the connection. Switching to kids: You can connect to servers that were previously barred.


Regarding the graphical interface, it is possible to store your searches in sessions and filter by shared files. There is also direct callback and easy comment filter access. Windows 7 users can also rest assured that program updates are already being made with a focus on Microsoft's newest operating system.

Our opinion about eMule

The history of eMule is that of a program that has already experienced a number of turbulences - such as its reputation for distributing many viruses - but still retaining its place in the P2P category due to its constant refinement as the open source community contributes to improving project.

Version upgrades usually take months, but when a new one comes out it is packed with news or at least with several fixes to the problems found in the previous version. This gives eMule the reliability needed for the most loyal users to keep using the tool and win over those who are still in doubt.

For those who like to download a lot, eMule is a must have. If you already have it installed, always download the latest version to keep the program up to date and with new built-in functions.

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