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  • Picture Hélio dos Santos
    Hélio dos Santos 27 de setembro de 2013 - 08:54
    Rating Excellent!
    Eu descobri a SCS Software pelo Scania Truck Driving Simulator onde para poder começar o jogo você deve tirar a carteira de motorista, algo que senti falta no Euro Truck Simulator 2, mas você pode conciliar, principalmente para os novatos da estrada, tirando a carteira de motorista no Scania Truck, e fazendo algumas missões da carteira, depois partindo definitivamente para o Euro Truck, pois no Scania Truck eu aprendi segredos de estacionamento que nenhum outro jogo trás. O fato de você interagir com leis de transito, trafego parado em algumas situações, fotos-sensores inclusive nas auto-estradas, para quem tirou ou esta pensando em retirar sua carteira de motorista é um jogo que ajuda bastante. Se você conectar seu computador a uma TV de 32 polegadas ou mais como eu faço, aliado com um bom volante (Indico o volante Logitech G27, ao qual em breve irei adquirir), você pode ter a sensação única de estar realmente dentro de um caminhão, pilotando pelas estradas a fora, e para quem não tem carro pode ser uma forma de praticar muito legal. Eu sempre gostei de jogos de corrida, desde quando descobri o Gran Turismo 2, a alguns e bons anos atrás, mas ao me deparar com o Scania Truck, e encontrando o Euro Truck, resolvi correr a no máximo 150Km (quando dá, já puxei 154Km só para ver até onde meu Volvo FH16 chega), pois é um jogo que mesmo sendo repetitivo, você tem o prazer de sair pelas estradas a fora na boleia tranquila de um caminhão, que você pode chamar de seu e montar ao seu gosto. E enquanto aos efeitos de iluminação, para uma empresa que inovou na área dos games trazendo um jogo de caminhões super detalhados, onde dirigir a noite é super realista, pois você só vê até onde o farol alcança, reflexos são só mais um mero detalhe para o Euro Truck 3!
  • Picture Bob Silvio Cerqueira
    Bob Silvio Cerqueira 28 de abril de 2015 - 16:04
    Rating Great!
    Comprei pela Nuuvem e o jogo vicia mesmo. Arrastei o sofá pra ficar de cara com a tv 40" e configurei o controle Xbox... a única mancada do jogo é que falta opções de configuração de controle. Mesmo usando o controle do Xbox, ainda tenho que ficar com o teclado ao lado pra fazer alguns comandos.


Lucas Karasinski
Meet the most different cities and cross Europe in the hitch of new trucks

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the sequel to one of the most successful truck simulators in the world - and one of the favorites in the Baixaki crowd.

The first version of the game, the Euro Truck Simulator , revolutionized the games of the style, bringing graphic caprice, realistic gameplay and an endless number of missions for you to cross Europe carrying the most diverse loads.

Now, success comes back in a continuation full of news. Prepare a very strong coffee and straighten your chair, as you will want to conquer the Old Continent aboard the most amazing trucks on the planet!

Starting as an Employee

When you start playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 you have nothing at hand, other than the ability to drive a truck. I mean, you can do a quick tutorial, in which the game brings little tips on how everything works, be it the use of cameras that make maneuvering easier, or how you should use your GPS, for example.

In the game, you have complete independence to choose where your base will be, ie which European city you want to leave. Once you've done that, you can embark on your first mission, but do not think your life will be easy. Since you're still a beginner, you'll need to drive a company's truck.

There are several type jobs available on the map and the first ones bring national exits and deliveries in nearby cities. Only as you evolve and gain experience will longer and complex paths come as options.

In addition, new charges can also be unlocked, because with more game points, you become eligible to take courses to obtain new licenses. These are critical for you to carry different loads such as flammable products, for example something that requires more care - but that also pays much better!

Respect for traffic

When you win the roads, realize that in Euro Truck Simulator 2 the inspection is more present than ever. The eagerness to fulfill the mission as quickly as possible and deliver the cargo on time may make it a good idea to stick a sign, for example.

Dê olho na sinalização

This, however, can be expensive. It is necessary to respect the traffic signs, otherwise the damage of the fines will be greater than the payment for the accomplishment of the task! So do not go on red signals, do not go against the road (beware of this in England!) And, especially, do not hit other vehicles.

In addition to the fine, collisions can cost you even more expensive, after all you may end up having to call the service desk for your truck, having to pay the repairs, and breaking, missing the delivery deadline you were in such a hurry in complying!

Easy money? Not on Euro Truck Simulator 2

If infringements can be costly, once you get your first missions into Euro Truck Simulator 2 you may realize that your hard earned money can not be spent on traffic tickets.

In the game, contractors do not like to squander their payments, so making money is not an easy task. So, if you want to save money to buy your own vehicles, you should not be spending on repairs on your truck.

Owner of the nose

If you are a dedicated and careful driver, after realizing some freights you will have the chance to take a loan from the bank and buy your own first vehicle. In doing so, you take a new step inside the game, as you have the opportunity to be hired without the need for intermediaries.

Caminhões custam caro!

With this, you are able to get more lucrative jobs and consequently start to develop your company. And do not think this will be a solitary business. With more cash going into the box, you can buy new trucks and hire drivers to drive them on different tasks. If money calls money, you can soon become one of the largest logistics companies in Europe. Not bad, is it?

In all, the Euro Truck Simulator 2 can take players to more than 60 European cities, including some of the world's major capitals. Crossing the continent, you can find the most different landscapes, such as wheat fields or large metropolis. Oh, and once again: watch out for the Englishman, otherwise accidents will be inevitable!

Our opinion about Euro Truck Simulator 2

The arrival of Euro Truck Simulator 2 will radically alter the daily routine of those who are fans of this type of simulator. The game has improved a lot compared to its predecessor and it is able to arrest the player for hours on end without you even noticing the time passing.

The graphics have gained significant improvements. If in the first game you found many textures smooth and without great whim, here there is much more care in this regard. There are different types of asphalt, boards, paintings, building walls and various other details. In this sense, only the large amount of serrated and the lack of caprice in some contours is that leave a little to be desired.

The game also has a very large variety of elements. You are able to explore the most different scenarios, finding characteristic landscapes in different countries in which you travel. They are details in the rural areas, differentiated buildings within the cities and also a great variety of vehicles crossing their way on the roads throughout Europe.

The effects of light and transition have also improved a lot compared to the previous game, however, they are still a weakness of the Euro Truck Simulator 2. While there are some cool details like sunlight entering the cabin, for example, there are also some elements that they leave to be desired, like the absence of the reflection of the lights in the vehicles.

The sounds of the game are reasonable, but the noise of the trucks could be nicer. In the game you drive different machines, but if you depend on the sounds, you have the impression of always driving the same vehicle.

In contrast, there are good effects of beats or else when there is a train or other cars crossing your path. The game also does not bring music, but those who buy the game can download official radio stations. In addition, there is the option of creating your own schedule, indicating the songs you have recorded on your computer.

The gameplay of Euro Truck Simulator 2 is very well developed. The game allows you to have uncomplicated starts, whose mission is only to drive the vehicle or, if you prefer, it also has more advanced options, where you need to change gears using clutch and park the truck in tight waves.

The amount of missions is huge and can guarantee many hours of fun. Although some are somewhat repetitive, exploring the most different locations can distract the player. Moreover, the fact that you are able to buy trucks and hire drivers serves as a new element, a kind of motivator for those who tired of just driving and also become a good business administrator.

Pro & Cons


  • Very good graphics
  • Game map is huge
  • Lots of cities
  • Scenarios with very nice details and details
  • Interaction with elements of the road, such as companies, tolls and


  • Light effects leave a little to be desired

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