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  • Picture Ricardo
    Ricardo 6 de dezembro de 2015 - 19:26
    Rating Excellent!
    O Windows 95 OSR2,5 (tambem chamado de Win95C) criava e formatava sem problemas,em Fat32, partições de terabytes de tamanho. Ainda uso esse sistema somente em linha de comando (sem interface gráfica) para sair do sufoco. Não entendi porque os Windows XP e posteriores tem essa limitação de 32GB na Fat32. Não sei que tipo de Fat32 esse programa (Fat32 Format) usa, se for a Fat32 12/CH (chamada de Fat32C ou Fat32 LBA), então ele é "o bicho"!
  • Picture joao roberto
    joao roberto 20 de junho de 2010 - 01:57
    Rating Great!
    Resolvel o problema do meu pen drive kingston 64 GB da china. As fotos e outros formatos que não abriam com a formatação do softer do windows, abriram normalmernte com este programa de formatação muito bom recomendo.


Felipe Gugelmin
Software to format devices larger than 32GB in size for FAT32 format

FAT32 is a file system responsible for managing and organizing data and file access on hard drives and other external media. The system was developed for Windows 95, and even newer versions of Windows support the technology, even though the NTFS system has already become the standard on newer hard drives.

Although most hard drives on the market already use a new standard for organizing files, there are still some devices, especially USB sticks, that use FAT32. The problem of managing these devices arises from the impossibility of formatting any device with more than 32GB of capacity for the FAT32 system.

Thus, if you do not have a device that supports the NTFS system, you will have to manually delete the files you want to delete, which always leaves some traces and may represent wasted space. Fortunately, there are tools like FAT32 Format that allow you to bypass this standard limitation of Windows.

FAT32 Format - Imagem 1 do software

With the program, it becomes possible to format for FAT32 any device connected to the computer, whatever its capacity. This way you can format from 32GB flash drives to even external hard drives that have terabytes of space.

To use the program, no installation is required. Just download and run the guiformat.exe file to open the main application window where you must select the drive you want to format and then click on the Start option. It is worth remembering that the formatting time depends greatly on the open parallel processes and the capacity of the selected device.

Our opinion about FAT32 Format

FAT32 Format is a good choice for those who need to format devices that use the FAT32 system to manage and organize data, and suffer from the limitations of Windows, which only allow format devices of up to 32GB capacity. The program has the advantage of the small space it occupies, and does not need any kind of installation, which makes it the default device when formatting compatible devices.

Pro & Cons


  • No installation required
  • Takes up little space


  • We didn't find any negatives.

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+92 Total Rating
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