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Gabriel Magri
Considered by many to be the best battle royale

Amid dozens of realistic battle royale games being released, Fortnite comes up, totally going against the tide with its caricatured and fanciful style - and winning over a large portion of fans of this competitive genre.

Your character is taken to an island to battle for his survival, but not by plane - but by a flying school bus. You start with just a pick that can be used to gather resources and destroy anything that comes your way. Weapons and healing items are scattered around the map, and chests containing a large amount of rewards.

This dynamic is essential to staying alive as it allows you to make buildings; they can serve as a shield, or even a fortress if you want one. Your creativity is what counts at the time of the fight - which does not mean just lifting a wall or two. You can set traps for your enemies, creating the perfect environment to eliminate as many people as possible.

One hundred simultaneous players battling to be the last to survive. And it's no use hiding, waiting for everyone to kill themselves: a chemical storm is limiting the safe space of the map and you're bound to keep moving - otherwise it's certain death.

Fortnite is not just a battle royale: it is designed to entertain you and your friends on all platforms at the same time.

Our opinion about Fortnite

If I was asked to define Fortnite in one word, I would choose "unique". With its battle royale concept that differs from everyone else in the genre, it leads not only to competitiveness but also to the pinnacle of fun a game can provide.

What makes the experience different from that of titles like Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is that the developer went completely the opposite way from what we expected. The focus here is not on realism or the struggle for survival: entertainment, improvisation, and laughter are what counts during the action. This is reflected in each of the elements, from graphics to character design and scenarios.

Speaking of visuals, here we find a unique 3D style that satirizes its contemporaries. The dolls do not care to hide themselves to put their guerrilla tactics into practice, the colors stand out in each frame and the textures and particles are worthy of fantasy games. This all adds to the mood of comedy, as well as creating a unique identity.

And how many fingers do you need to play Fortnite?

We cannot leave out the dynamics. The pace we find at Fortnite is extremely fast, and the reaction time is what defines the skill level (beyond aiming, of course). The build mode contributes a lot and brings another differentiator to the game, making the challenge even more interesting while increasing the number of resources within reach of the characters. With that, answering the question above: the more fingers the better.

There are games and likes. Some prefer the most realistic, others seek something to satisfy their leisure time, and some are after just fun. Fortnite, however, is capable of changing opinions and unites all types of people. It's really worth adding it to your collection.

Pro & Cons


  • Great fun
  • Fast gameplay
  • Lets build in the middle of battle
  • Amazing Comedy Atmosphere
  • Unlike all other style games


  • We didn't find any negatives.

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