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  • Picture julia
    julia 17 de novembro de 2012 - 13:40
    Rating Excellent!
    O Hamachi é muito bom sim, mas pra quem tem o erro de se conectar a ferramenta, é só desistalar e reinstalar novamente o hamachi, se estiver dizendo que a ferramenta este em uso va em processos ache o nome do hamachi, finalize o processo e desistale normalmente...Obrigado Hamachi!
  • Picture Matheus
    Matheus 14 de março de 2012 - 23:56
    Rating Poor!
    Eu adora esse programa, usava muito, mas desde muito tempo tenho problemas com o Hamachi, um atrás do outro. O mais recente é "O hamachi não consegue se conectar à ferramenta". Se alguém souber como resolve mudo a nota pra 5 estrelas.


Gustavo Bonato Abrão
Application for you to simulate a network and play as if on a lan, also with remote access and chat

Hamachi² is a program that simulates a home network between computers, even if they are in different locations. Additionally, it has a very easy to use remote access service. For this feature, you must have a user account, and you can create it by clicking here .

This program has two versions: one non-commercial, which is free, and one for corporate use, which is paid. At the time of setup, especially for the online account (referring to remote access), simply choose the free version to be able to use it correctly. The limitation of this version is that it can connect up to five computers.

Creating your network

This program basically simulates a network between computers and has a very simple interface. Once installed and while it is active, it remains an icon in the System Tray. To enable it, click the main interface button (with an icon similar to the "Power" of electronic devices). This done, it fetches information about the computer and connects the application.

To create a new network, go to “Network” and “Create a new mesh network”. Once this is done, the program prompts you to create an ID and password for it. Then this network is already displayed on your Hamachi² interface and ready for use. In order for people to access it, they must go to "Network" and "Join existing network."

Interface do programa com rede conectada

This done, just enter the network name and password you set. As people connect, their names are displayed in the program window just below the network name.

Play as if you were in a lan house

Once the network and all connected computers are set up, you can enjoy the program's key advantages, all within a click. To exchange messages with any of the users, just right click on their name and select the item “Chat”.

Janela de chat entre usuários ativos na rede

If you need to exchange files, they must be in the shared folders of computers. Then right-click on the username and select "Browse" to open the sharing locations. Then just locate the desired file and copy it to the computer.

For games, it's even easier! Since the network is already created with all computers, there is no secret: just go to the desired game settings part and create a session to play via the network.

Tips for Creating the Remote Access User Account

The email address registered for the account must be valid as you will need to validate the account through it. This process may be a little long, but it is done step by step requesting the necessary information for the success of the operation. Particular attention should be paid to the process in which a code will be requested for the computer as it is required later to be able to connect the PC via remote access.

With the process completed, open your email and validate the account through the message you received. Once your account is created and validated, go to the developer page and log in. Then go to the "My computers" tab and click "Add computer." Then simply enter “Remote Control” and, once done, the program will prompt you for the computer access code (set in the installation settings) that you wish to access remotely.

Interface de acesso remoto conectada

If all goes well, the accessed computer screen will open on your monitor. For this, the program needs internet access and the remote access target PC is turned on and correctly connected to the internet as well.

Our opinion about Hamachi²

Hamachi² is a very useful multifunctional app. Because it simulates creating a network, you can use it for standard instant messenger functions such as messaging and archiving, and also go much further by playing with your friends as if you were in a lan house.

Additionally, even though there is a limitation on the number of computers that can be connected, it allows for a very considerable number of connections, which makes it not a hindrance to its use.

The remote access function provided by the program may seem a bit difficult for the initial setup; however, in terms of use, it is much simpler and more intuitive than Windows remote access, which does not always work correctly.

Combining a great task with a simple look, Hamachi shows the potential of your program. The speed of the program's operation is dependent on the speed of its connection, but the speeds provided by current telephone service providers are sufficient to keep the service up and running.

Pro & Cons


  • Friendly interface
  • Easy to use


  • Remote Access Settings Take Time

Interest over time

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