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  • Picture Rafael Costa
    Rafael Costa 29 de março de 2015 - 16:27
    Rating Excellent!
    finalmente, depois de tentar em varios apps como o framahoot, easyhoot, superuser e outros esse finalmente pegou e para testar baixei o hootcheckbasic que diz se o aparelho esta ou não hooteado, e comfirmou que estava! aparelho LG-20 D105 funcional!
  • Picture David Natan
    David Natan 20 de julho de 2016 - 06:29
    Rating Great!
    Estou tentando baixar o programa, mais o meu antivírus da mcafee tá detectando ameaças no programa. Vocês que conseguiram baixar, podem me dizer se o programa é 100% ok? sem vírus?nenhum problema? até e obrigado.


Lucas Karasinski
Universal program that can root almost any Android device

Kingo Android Root is a program that comes to help those who wish to root their respective devices with Android operating system.

The application comes as a less complicated option, especially for less experienced users, after all, in many gadgets the unlocking process is fraught with complicated procedures.

Here the idea is to bring the whole work together in one interface. There are no different programs for smartphones or tablets from various brands, so it is a true "universal rooter". There is even a list of the devices officially supported by the service. Click here to check it out.

With pacience

To work using Kingo Android Root, first of all, you need to enable “USB Debugging” mode on your gadget. This option can be found in the development menu in your laptop settings.

Kingo Android Root - Imagem 1 do software

With the alternative checked, connect the device to your computer and launch the software. In a short time it will recognize the gadget, also identifying if it is already rooted and what is its model.

Then Kingo Android Root can work in two different ways. Just click on “Root” and it will perform the unlocking process, including downloading any files that may be needed for the process.

In more extreme cases, it can restart your device, also requiring you to perform a few steps manually. The proper instructions appear on the screen so you don't have to worry! Once done, reboot your device and enjoy all the pros (and cons!) Of superuser permissions!

Our opinion about Kingo Android Root

Kingo Android Root comes to meet a need for many Android owners: It is a program that can root almost any gadget. This, of course, without having to go through tutorials, copying and removing files, and risking the integrity of your portable gadget.

The program has a simple and straightforward interface. There are no menus and the software has no configuration whatsoever so all you have to do is connect your Android already with the “USB Debug” mode selected.

No root ...

During our tests, we used Kingo Android Root on three different devices. In the first of these, an Optimus 2x P990 from LG, the application quickly identified the presence of root, ie showed that it really “scans” the system before performing any process. Here, however, the option to repeat root did not work correctly, even with multiple attempts, including with the smartphone and computer restarting a few times.

The second handset tested was the Galaxy Y Duos. This time, Kingo Android Root was also unable to do its job completely. The root process is even started by the software; however, an error with the “File not found” warning appears, interrupting unlocking.

We tried to repeat the process, however, as with the previous device, here the application left a little to be desired. It appears that the proper root files compatible with such models are not available in the program's developer database.

... And with root!

In the third test we started for a newer gadget: the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. The latest gadgets coming to the shelves have a history of making root a bit more complicated, so such a review could be a watershed for the Kingo Android Root.

During the work, the program took a long time, both to connect and to start the unlocking process of the S4 Mini. Fortunately, after about 10 minutes of work, Kingo Android Root was able to show what it came from, perfectly rooting the device.

In this test there was no need to perform the manual steps, that is, we just had to wait for the process. Although time consuming, after the gadget restart we could find the Superuser already installed on the Galaxy S4 Mini.

This shows that Kingo Android Root, even if not compatible with any Android device, as the advertisement on the official website of the company makes a point, can be compatible with your gadget. The point is that you will have to try to use it to see if everything goes well.

Pro & Cons


  • Extremely simple interface
  • Automatically recognizes the connected device
  • Works automatically in virtually every case
  • Can perform unroot


  • Did not work on some of the tested devices

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+166 Total Rating
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