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  • Picture leo
    leo 21 de agosto de 2018 - 17:10
    Rating Excellent!
    você não perdera trabalhos de faculdade, textos aleatórios. Pois o libreoffice pode salvar tudo que você escreve ou faz nele de minuto a minuto então mesmo que em sua cidade tenha queda de energia, você só perderá pouca coisa do que foi feito.
  • Picture aline
    aline 4 de maio de 2016 - 15:32
    Rating Poor!
    Ontem tentei atualizar o office e ao eu mandar instalar, ficava dando erro e nao consegui instalar, já hoje; fui tentar baixar novamente o programa e nem isso consigo, o 64bt diz pagina nao encontrada e no 32 bt nao baixa e ainda te direciona para pagina para você "doar" dinheiro ...entao continuo sem o office.


Douglas Ciriaco
A complete, free office suite for using your computer

LibreOffice is an application that offers a complete office suite for you to use from your computer.

With it, you can open files created with the Word, Excel, Power Point, Access and Corel Draw applications, as well as create documents compatible with these formats.

The suite supports a number of formats, being very flexible and, mainly, compatible for the use of documents of a series of programs of this category. Additionally, you can rest easy as the application is extremely lightweight and will certainly not make it difficult to run, even on more modest computers.

Tela principal do aplicativo

Interface and functions

Shortly after running the application, it opens the splash screen, displaying the list of options present in the application. This sector is divided in two spaces, and in the upper one there are shortcuts to open an already existing document and recently used files, in addition to finding the models available by the suite.

Abrindo um documento de texto

Below are the options for opening a new document, which can be text, spreadsheet, slide show, vector drawing, database, or formula creation. Basically, just choose the desired item so that it is open on the screen, in window size.

Regardless of the type of document you are going to handle, the application screen offers the button-shaped tools, divided into a top menu, reminiscent of the style presented by Microsoft Office. With regard to the new generated file, the program supports several formats, including the most recent ones adopted by the programs of the Office package.

Our opinion about LibreOffice

LibreOffice brings another alternative to those who need a free version of office applications. A very interesting idea launched by the application is that you can open any type of document supported directly by the options on the main screen of the program, streamlining the procedure.

So, just open LibreOffice and choose the item you need at the moment. On the other hand, when you open a document, the entire application exits and you need to open it again to create another file. However, this is not a problem, since using a desktop shortcut can make the process easier.

At least during our testing, there were no issues with opening any documents that were created in other office suites. Everything has always been correctly associated and presented accordingly on the screen. Including, there were no errors with special characters or with accented letters.

Likewise, all files in other suites have been uploaded quickly, which can be considered a good thing, since many programs take a long time to load and to display the content.

Efficient with created documents

There was also no problem at the time of creating new documents. Another interesting point is that the program, unlike some applications of this style, not only brings the three basic tools, but all the most used. The menus and options of the applications are intuitive and reminiscent of the Microsoft Office suite.

Another interesting point is that even the newer Office package formats are supported by the application, both when you open a document and to save a file you create in it. LibreOffice is extremely lightweight, so even modest machines should have no trouble loading the main screen or document types offered on it.

Pro & Cons


  • Friendly interface and documents opened from the main screen
  • It has the main office applications
  • Light program


  • We didn't find any negatives.

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