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  • Picture Maikon Momberg
    Maikon Momberg 26 de novembro de 2013 - 14:43
    Rating Excellent!
    muito bom este programa voce pode ver tudo filme documentario etc e tem mais ainda voce pode adicionar mais canais megacubo e o melhor de todos antes eu via tv online pela internet agora com esse programa e melhor ainda voce ve todos os canais com otima qualidade de video e sem travar excelente abaixem
  • Picture cristiano
    cristiano 22 de janeiro de 2015 - 00:03
    Rating Poor!
    Pessima qualidade de imagem, você escolhe um canal e trava fora q aparecem menus na tela como se alguem estivesse mexendo em uma especie de controle remoto , cheio de propaganda e cheio de programas maliciosos q se instalam junto sem sua permissão , passei trabalho pra remover o tal de BoBrowser q veio junto com este Megacubo, não gostei


Andressa Xavier
Watch hundreds of TV channels online with a free and Portuguese app

Megacubo is one of the most famous applications to watch open and closed channels of television by streaming, bringing broadcasters from all over the world to your computer.

Totally free, Megacubo accesses various channels for you to see everything from the news to the movies and series. Choose the station you want to watch and follow the live programming.

The channel options for Brazil are extensive and each day this number increases. There are various categories - such as drawings, sports, movies, the world (with foreign channels), music, news, religious programs and more. Megacubo brings not only TV channels, but also radios from many regions of Brazil.

Megacubo - Imagem 1 do software

With this app, you can set up your own schedule with your favorite stations. That is, you mount a grid using multi-channel programs, creating the ideal broadcast for your liking. The Megacubo has a simple and very friendly interface, bringing the streaming options all grouped in the right side of the screen.

There, you are able to find more than 200 channels - all very organized and separated into several categories such as sports, movies or serials. In addition, the menus also feature programming of some of the main channels of the genre, showing what the most famous should broadcast during the day .

Display Modes

The Megacubo has three modes for displaying the programs: "Full screen", "Mini-player" and "External player". If you want to watch the minimized movies on the side of the screen, for example, just select "Settings" at the top of the screen and position the cursor on "In playback".

Megacubo - Imagem 2 do software

There, choose the "Mini-player" so that the window is always in the foreground, on the lower right side of your computer. This option is interesting for those who need to enter or browse the web, but at the same time do not want to miss a second of their team's football game or their favorite program.

Parental control

Mebacubo has the most diverse types of channels, including adult content. If your children are using the app, you can set a password so that this app protects any type of programming not recommended for their age.

Megacubo - Imagem 3 do software

The first time the application runs, it provides an option to enable the "Parental Control" feature. When activating this mechanism, you must register a password; it will be required whenever a channel with adult content is accessed.

Our opinion about Megacubo

Megacubo virtually lacks presentations: this application is one of the most famous solutions to watch television channels open and closed via streaming. It is easy to use, has few advertisements (compared to other similar apps) and can be the solution for anyone who wants to watch a TV program through the computer.

There's not much secret in using this app: everything you need is on the right side of the screen, whether it's the channels or even the setup options. The Megacubo has a pre-defined number of channels and you can increase this even more by simply downloading the add-ons on the site. This is a little unnecessary, however, and would be much better if everything was enabled by default.

Problems with transmission

Despite being a good app, Megacubo does not work miracles. The playback of live TV channels by streaming tends to be always in low quality and often even with distortions in the screen format. This happens a lot, so be prepared to watch your favorite channels and content with a far less satisfying experience than normal.

Many of the channels that were accessed, even, were shown off the air. Others asked for codecs to be installed - the application automatically points to a page on your site, where you download that content easily, but that's still a negative of the Megacubo. Also, on channels that run a whole day series, there is no audio subtitle or option.

That is, Megacubo is a better tool than most apps to watch TV streaming - it has few advertisements and a well-organized interface - but it is not a 100% ideal solution with the maximum possible quality and complete options to enhance the experience.

It's worth testing, as this app actually delivers on what you're promised: you can watch television channels for free. In addition, it has some nice extra tools like parental control and even an option to leave a thumbnail screen always in the foreground in the corner of your monitor.

Pro & Cons


  • Beautiful and practical interface
  • New functions make it much easier to use
  • Minimized foreground screen option
  • Cine Turbo Movie Gallery
  • Adding differentiated packages


  • All available services depend on the user connection
  • Failed multiple channels
  • You must install codecs separately

Interest over time

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