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    oi aqui e o mauricio e só fá de carteirinha de tds as inovaçoeis tecnologicas e aaqui a firmo pra vcs que este progrmaminha e muitos outros progrmas que precisa de comunica com a rede e serviços oline como por exemplo antivirus só conseguir instalar com este programa ok e tem mais coisa que se vc não instalar da erro no windos quando execulta uma abraços pra quem gosta de tecnolg


Ana Paula Pereira
The final release of the new NET Framework promises even more news and features.

Required for the execution of various programs, Microsoft .NET Framework technology, since its first release is a project aimed at a single platform for development and execution of systems and applications. Like the Java programming language, it does not write code for a specific system or device, it writes for the .NET platform.

The .NET Framework 4.0 is the new finalized version of this platform developed by Microsoft. The main features and news brought with this version, first, is that it is compatible with version 3.5 SP1, ie what worked on 3.5 SP1 will continue to work on 4.

Some innovations have been implemented for the ASP.NET, Visual Basic, and C # segments. There have been improvements in Windows Workflow (WF) that allow developers to have more interaction in this category. There are also changes in Windows Presentation Foundation with the addition of WPF support for Windows 7 as well as Surface 2.0 SDK, among others.

Also added functions for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), added to ADO.NET Entity Framework, and innovations in parallel programming related functions.

Our opinion about Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.30319.1

Due to the tests that were performed on the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 program, the installation of the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 was required. Since then this new version of the platform, although still under test, has been showing normal behavior on the computer without errors or incompatibility.

Pro & Cons


  • Easy installation;
  • Compatibility with previous version;


  • It is still in the testing phase;

Interest over time

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