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  • Picture Renato Guedes
    Renato Guedes 26 de fevereiro de 2013 - 16:34
    Rating Excellent!
    Como sempre. A microsoft se superou. O programa está perfeito. Não só o Word. Mas todos da linha Microsoft Office 2010! Quando baixei a versão de testes, adorei! Tive que comprar! Adorei. Parabéns Microsoft!
  • Picture Hector
    Hector 27 de janeiro de 2011 - 07:41
    Rating Poor!
    Apesar de preferir o ambiente de trabalho do Ubuntu, sempre gostei mais do MS Office do que o BrOffice. Mas é uma pena esse programa não funcionar no XP. Nem todo mundo é pirata, alguns gostam de cumprir a lei e comprar suas licenças. por isso acho melhor me acostumar com o BrOffice que vai ser sempre grátis e compatível...


Felipe Gugelmin
This version is not the most current, check out more information in the description

Looking for a more "current" Office?

If you want a new version of Microsoft's famous suite of applications, just click here:

Known as the most popular text editor on the market, the 2010 version of Microsoft Word comes to keep the program in the position of one of the best options when the goal is to compose jobs or even blog posts. Although the interface is not so different from the 2007 version, several new features guarantee an even more comfortable use experience.

The interface remains Ribbon, same as the previous version, but won a white background instead of bluish. To make it easier to use, the flap system has undergone slight changes, especially with respect to the order and size with which some functions are displayed - case of the word count, which is now highlighted in the "Review" tab.

Microsoft Word 2010 - Imagem 1 do software

Like the other programs in the Office family, the biggest news is the inclusion of the "File" option, located in the upper left corner of the program. When this option is selected, the backstage view appears, where you can save, preview printouts, or share documents with other computers or through online tools - all in a very intuitive way, with full access to file and several additional editing options.

How to install Microsoft Word 2010

By clicking on the download link, you will be sent to the official Office 2010 page where you can get all the details about the available product line. To download Word (and other programs from the suite of applications), select the "Try it now" option and follow the steps below as the instructions appear on the screen to continue.

Microsoft Word 2010 - Imagem 2 do software

Applications are available for free for 60 days - after the end of the period, you must either acquire an original copy or pay for a license to use Word without limitation.

Online integration and options for a more beautiful look

Word 2010 also gained a redesigned look for Word Art, which now allows the addition of much more pleasing graphic effects to the look. The addition of photos and graphics to texts has also been enhanced with new automatic editing options that add a series of frames and artistic effects with a simple mouse click.

Microsoft Word 2010 - Imagem 3 do software

Save time on your projects

To make the user experience a more intuitive process, Microsoft has reshaped the keyword search system, which is now faster and more discreet. In addition, the program saves at constant intervals an automatic backup of the written document - so, in case of any problem, it is much easier to recover the lost data. Even closed documents without saving can be retrieved easily with this feature.

Microsoft Word 2010 - Imagem 4 do software

The new co-authoring feature lets you edit the same document simultaneously to another user. Thus, teamwork has become a much easier task, since you do not have to send and edit the same file several times, a process that almost always results in confusion and loss of information.

Access your documents anywhere

In addition to the new features it brings to the computer, Word 2010 excels by integrating with Microsoft Word Web App. With it, you can freely switch between document editing through the desktop or browser of your choice - the changes made are shared in real time, and just a click of the mouse to carry the information between the different applications.

Microsoft Word 2010 - Imagem 5 do software

Owners of devices that rely on Windows Mobile as the operating system can also use integration with Microsoft Word Mobile 2010 to view and edit documents on the go. In addition to making Office use an easier process, these features make the user more comfortable and avoid problems caused by lack of access to computers that have Office 2010 installed.

Our opinion about Microsoft Word 2010

Although it does not bring all the graphical new features seen in the transition from version 2003 to 2007, Microsoft Word 2010 has enough new elements to please even the most demanding of users. The highlight is integration with Word Web App, which allows you to easily switch between producing jobs on the desktop or through the browser of your choice.

The download also includes other useful Office family applications that provide a great experience when creating spreadsheets, presentations, or simply reading and sending emails. Click here to see a full review of the 2010 suite of applications.

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  • Picture Effects
  • Reorganization of options
  • Reformulated Word Arts Area
  • Integration with Word Web App


  • We didn't find any negatives.

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