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  • Picture William Tael
    William Tael 12 de fevereiro de 2014 - 16:08
    Rating Excellent!
    Resolveram o problema da ordem alfabética errada no Windows 8.1! Agora o Picasa está excelente! Para quem estiver vendo imagens de cores CMYK de forma errada, corrija essa problema indo em configurações do visualizador do Picasa e ative a função "ativar gerenciamento de cores" na terceira aba da janela de configurações. Feche o visualizador para manter a configuração.
  • Picture Solange
    Solange 15 de março de 2009 - 16:19
    Rating Poor!
    A versão anterior do Picasa era perfeita! A versão atual, trava muito o pc. O ícone "Colagem" veio com mais atrativos porém a opção de Exposição Múltipla não veio com melhorias, e sim com dificuldades. Era simples e perfeito. Hoje procuro um outro programa para fazer montagens. Para um visualizador de fotos e editor, é perfeito.


Equipe Baixaki
With the integration of Picnik and Face Movies, you can now edit your photos and create small clips

The new version of Picasa has just been released, full of news and improvements in almost every aspect. There are new tools, options for management and editing, and sensible improvements in the sharing of images over the internet.

With all the innovations and new features, the software can be considered one of the best and most complete image organizers. It is practical, dynamic, functional and completely free, making it almost mandatory for those who manage many photos and images on the computer.

Use face tags to create small movies

With the update of Picasa for version 3.8 several new features have been added, quite visible and others not very noticeable to the user. The main highlight of this version is Face Movie, which lets you select photos from the same person, adjust the center of the video, insert background music and transition effects between the images - making it possible to create exciting or playful chronological clips (check out the video below).

Earlier this year Google bought the rights to the online image editing service called Picnik and decided to incorporate it into the desktop version of Picasa 3.8. Thanks to it, the program now has an excellent image editing tool. The fact that it is made in Flash does not require constant updating of the entire Picasa just for some improvements in Picnik, because for requiring an internet connection, it is always up to date.

Another update coming with the update is better integration with Picasa Web Albums: upload multiple albums at once and manage all your content online through the desktop version of Picasa - that is, actions like album removal, privacy and photo synchronization.

Busca de imagens no Picasa

There were also updates on the metadata of the images, which makes it possible to better display them on the screen of your monitor. In addition, non-visible changes to the user include: increased CPU efficiency, improved support for external drives, and functional sharing settings with Gmail contact groups.


The main function of Picasa is to facilitate the organization of image files and photos on your computer. The application performs this task with mastery, allowing the user to perform all types of personalization of albums, folders and files inside the hard disk, without complications.

Through the "File" tab, you can create new albums, add new folders or files to the program, import photos from cameras, CDs or your online albums into Picasa, open files for editing, and perform a number of other common file management tasks.

Your albums are sorted by file types, folder names, and the date they were entered on your computer. You can easily drag photos from one album to another easily by copying them to new locations in a very intuitive way.

Busca por palavras-chave

To create a new album quickly, simply click on the icon for the function, which is similar to a plus sign next to a blue album. Then stipulate a name for it, such as "Holidays" or "Family," by adding relevant photos to them.

When you create an album, you can set up various features in relation to the display. You can set the creation date manually or allow the application to do this, edit the order of creation and individual description, and the interesting function to add songs in presentations made with it.

By right-clicking on any folder or album, you can open its context menu. From there, you can perform several fundamental functions for the files, such as selecting your pictures, erasing them or even publishing your album on the web.


There are five main filters to separate your photos from the others in your albums and picture folders. The first of these is related to those that you have been marked with stars, which can be easily performed when viewing any image.

Filtros de busca

The second button refers to the images that have already been uploaded to your online album in Picasa, allowing you to quickly edit only the images on the network. The third button finds only photos with faces, while the fourth locates the movies and slideshows made with the program, and the last function shows only photos with geotags.

Only people!

One of the most interesting and innovative features in the new version of Picasa is the new filter that identifies only images with faces in their albums. By clicking on the "Show only face photos" option, Picasa filters only those that display someone's face, making searching easier.

Somente pessoas

The software even finds photos that are difficult to identify, with very small faces or unusual angles, allowing you, in a very dynamic way, to separate the ones you are with friends, family or other people in a single click!

It is also possible to filter the files by the date they were inserted in the computer, through the bar that is just next to the main buttons. Drag it and observe the distance in the time frame you set for filtering photos, which can vary from years to hours ago.

Professional retouching

Another feature reformulated in the new version of Picasa is the function to edit and retouch the images. It allows the user to change various aspects of their photos, retouching them in a professional way, without the need for in-depth editing skills. All the functions contained present explanations of its use, in addition to simple and intuitive manual configurations.


As its name suggests, the function is to make simpler corrections in the images, giving that adjustment that was missing or fixing some aspect that was bad in the original capture. In addition to these functions, there are good options for correcting red-eye, cropping images and arranging the contrast.

Edições básicas

As innovative features of this category, "Retouching" tools can be pointed out, which serves to correct small errors within the images - even scars or pimples on someone's face - as well as the brand new tool for including texts in the photos, which can be easily typed and inserted in customizable images.


This tab features the common functions for changing light and shadow aspects in images. It is possible to change all the parameters through three main bars referring to them. If you want the application to automatically correct the values, use the button similar to a wand, located just to the right of the options.


The last guide to photo editing refers to the effects that can be applied to them. There are 12 fully customizable effects, leaving your photos with a great finish. Those with a blue label in the corner of the option are automatically applied to the images, such as removing the color or leaving them looking aged.

Aplicação de efeitos

The last six can be manipulated by the user. Just click on them and start applying them on the image. In some it is possible to stipulate limited areas to blur the photo or to color some specific point of it, all through the guides located to the left of the main window. All edits can be easily undone by clicking the "Undo" button, allowing you to freely abuse the program's editing options.

Online Integration

In addition to using all the functions present in the application, you can also have total control of your online account in Picasa through it. You can perform all the tasks of the site directly in the program, without having to open the browser.

When you browse or edit each photo, you'll find a number of options for making them up-to-date on the internet, uploading new images, entire folders, or any albums found, as well as a number of other web-based functions.

Integração com álbuns online

The app also allows you to publish the selected photos to your Blogger blog and send them via email at any time. Videos or slideshows created can also be automatically placed on Youtube, allowing friends to view them anywhere.

Likewise, you can import photos and albums from Picasa onto the internet by downloading all possible images directly into the program. After that, you can edit them and perform all tasks common to the images already on your PC.


The possibilities to create different projects with the images managed in Picasa is one of its best features. You can make many beautiful and well-crafted artistic projects, giving them a special touch.

Through the "Create" option found in the application's top task bar, you can find the main ways to design projects with your images. The first option is to put the image displayed on the screen as your wallpaper.

Criação de colagens

The "Create a poster" alternative takes the selected image and enlarges it in several sizes, which can be freely chosen by you. If the selected paper size is smaller than the formed image, it will be divided into several parts for you to print and merge later.

In the "Collage images" tab, you can group the photos freely into a sort of virtual mural. You can place several images scattered over it, increasing or decreasing the size of each one and rotating them freely, leaving a free aspect to the project.

If you want to create a screensaver with your favorite images, just choose the photos and click on the "Add to screensaver" option. Soon after, the Windows screensaver configuration window will appear, allowing you to view it later.

Criação de slides

The last option in this context is to create movies or slideshows with your images and albums. The creation process of the projects is very complete and intuitive, allowing the user to add several images to the clip, to insert songs and to configure several options regarding the transition of the photos, time of exposure of each one, effect used in the transition and maximum resolution of the files in the presentation.

Once you have made all the settings and edits of the movie, click the "Movie" button to save it. You can still upload the clip directly to Youtube by posting it to the entire community on the site.

Our opinion about Picasa

There's no question that the new version of Picasa has come to emulate it as one of the best programs to manage, edit and publish images on the market. The software is flawless in almost every way and will certainly have a large number of fans. All with the approval of Google, the company responsible for the software.

Everything in it is allowed through an extremely well designed interface, bringing refinement and lightness in the right measure. The fading and transparency effects are constant between the function changes and albums, without weighing too much for the system.

The main functions of the application are very well distributed in its main window. Context menus let you shorten processes and tasks, ideal for many cases. It is possible to freely drag any image through the windows of the program, which facilitates its use.

To view full size and edit any image, just double click on it. Editing options are also intuitive and well-located, allowing users less familiar with such software to quickly change aspects of their images.

After all, just have a Google account to be able to transcend the possibilities of Picasa for the internet. Uploading or downloading your image files online is simple and fast and can be done with a single click.

Its installation is very simple and requires few resources of the computer, making the software usable by machines with moderate hardware configurations. It is lightweight and functional, with the best functions for freely editing your images.

The new Picasa is the best indication for those who have multiple photos on the computer, because it presents great features in a totally free application. If you want to organize, edit and publish your photos, Picasa is highly recommended for the task. Download the program now and check out all the news and improvements!

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