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  • Picture recuva
    recuva 12 de junho de 2017 - 11:53
    Rating Excellent!
    Recuva me ha parecido realmente util para recuperar archivos borrados, como veis, yo soy espanol y por si a alguien más le viene bien la versión en este idioma la tenemos disponible gratis en http://descargarrecuva.com
  • Picture Pierre
    Pierre 25 de janeiro de 2018 - 23:47
    Rating Poor!
    É a segunda vez na vida que desgraçadamente utilizo esse programa inútil. Há dois dias atrás,esvaziei a lixeira do computador, e imediatamente me lembrei de que havia esquecido de fazer o backup de uma pasta de fotos que havia enviado a lixeira e posteriormente excluído. No mesmo momento baxei esse "Recuva" que não ajudou em absolutamente nada, resgatando apenas algumas imagens e ícones de programas. Há três anos atrás usei o Recuva em um cartão de memória e tive a mesma decepção.


Mikhael Persigili Narduci
Recover lost data by accidental deletion, even those you forgot to save before formatting

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Songs and general files that you thought you had saved before formatting and only then missed, are still not lost. Just scan the HD with Recuva before storing anything, to look for any kind of file that has been lost lately.

The operation of this type of program is very simple: when deleting a file, you send the following information to your computer: "This hard disk space can be used if necessary". So the file stays there until someone else takes up its space. Recuva recovers only files that have not yet been overwritten by any other data.

So save all that I lost?

It may happen that a file has been partially overwritten, and in that case, when recovering, it will come with a defect.

The software itself indicates the chances that the file will be recovered through the "State" marker. Files in full recovery conditions are marked as "Excellent"; "Poor" means that parts of them may be lost in recovery; and "Very Poor" is tantamount to "unrecoverable data".

Existem duas modalidades de interface do Recuva!

Increasing the chances of saving your files

A good tip is always to try to recover the file on another disk, such as a CD, partition or even an external hard drive, as it may occur when a file is recovered that it overwrites another file that is about to be recovered, which puts the entire operation at risk.

With basic precautions and minimal attention at the time of recovery, Recuva is certainly excellent software for those who need to recover files, but it does not have sufficient technical knowledge or specialized manpower.

In the new version of the program, the user has more details about the file that he wants to restore and can judge how best to restore it. When you change the interface mode to "Advanced" you have even more information about the files and the state they are in. This way, simply navigate the tabs of the sidebar of the advanced mode of this Recuva interface.

Saiba mais informações sobre o arquivo!

However, if you prefer to have only minimal information about the files, keep the interface in normal mode and note the colored markers before the files name.

If the marker is red, the file is unrecoverable. The yellow indicates that there is some kind of risk in the recovery of this file and finally, the green marker means that the file is completely able to be recovered.

Recuva also has two ways to check your computer: "Normal Scan" and "Deep Scan". With the second type of check you can access to more possibilities of restoration of your files, after all, the program will make a complete scan of what can be recovered.

Our opinion about Recuva

Recuva is a lightweight, fast download program whose installation is very simple, since it does not require many steps nor manual configurations for its operation. Its interface is user friendly and the program operates in a single window. It is available in Portuguese.

Its menus and commands are intuitive and lean, as they make it easier to locate your tools. When the program is opened (if it is not checked so that it is not displayed again), it has a wizard to assist you in all the steps of the operation, which makes the program very self-explanatory.

The program performs perfectly and effectively its functions by not requiring technical knowledge to be used and does not involve complex processes. The limitations are how much the file can still be recovered since, once deleted, its HD space may already have been rewritten, which makes it impossible to recover completely or partially.

Pro & Cons


  • Simple interfaces


  • Little interaction with the user

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+777 Total Rating
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