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  • Picture Juliano Pereira dos Santos
    Juliano Pereira dos Santos 6 de abril de 2018 - 11:49
    Rating Excellent!
    Ele realmente é muito bom. Usei durante vários anos mas ultimamente uso o Geek pelo fato de não precisar instalar e é muito bom também pois nunca me deixou mão. O Iobt Uninstaller também é muito bom porém ocupa muito mais espaço e pesa bem mais que os outros.
  • Picture logan
    logan 4 de janeiro de 2011 - 12:35
    Rating Poor!
    Considero o programa fraco para deletar arquivos de maneira definitiva do HD após diversos testes (recomendo para esta função o ERASER), já para o que realmente se propõe, ou seja, desinstalar programas, excelente.


Equipe Baixaki
Get rid of unwanted programs from time to time and make your PC cleaner after uninstallations

Not all programs installed on the computer are useful all the time. Often, an application is used by the user for a specific need and then turns into deadweight, taking up space on the hard drive and leaving unnecessary entries in the Windows registry.

The operating system itself has a tool to uninstall applications, which can be accessed through the Control Panel. This function, however, works only as a shortcut to the uninstaller of each of the programs. If the software does not have one or is not able to remove the files completely, your machine will be full of undesirable traces, synonymous with problems and wasted space.

Complete cleaning

First of all, do not confuse. The default Revo Uninstaller icon really looks like the image of an uninstaller, but clicking on it will not start that process, but activate the program.

Without scrolling, Revo Uninstaller displays, at the first screen, the list of all applications installed on the computer in the form of icons. To start the removal process, just double click on any of them to display the uninstall options, all in Portuguese and with an accurate description of the steps that will be performed.

Interface do aplicativo

In "Moderate" mode, the process occurs in stages. At first, the default uninstaller of the selected application runs. Next, Revo Uninstaller scans the system, searching for files and entries left in the registry, and presents the results to the user, who decides whether or not to delete the data found.

In this way, in addition to avoiding problems with important files being deleted automatically, the application allows some data to be stored if the user wishes. The option is useful, for example, in the case of game saves, which can be stored even after uninstalling the game.

Opções de desinstalação

Ideally, if you do not know if you should delete the registry entries located by the application, you should leave them there. If you still decide to delete them, Revo Uninstaller creates a system restore point, so that the computer can be returned to the previous state if the process causes damage to the machine.

Hunt down your programs

To assist lay users, Revo Uninstaller has a "Hunting" option, which enables a kind of target that, when placed on any application, gives access to a number of options besides uninstallation. The shortcut can also prevent certain programs from starting with Windows or forcing them to close if they are causing system problems.

Swiss Army Knife

Despite being basically an uninstaller, as the name already says, Revo Uninstaller also has a number of additional options for cleaning and preventive maintenance of the PC. In the "Tracer Cleaner" function, you can:

  • Delete history and temporary files from Internet browsers, Microsoft Office applications or Windows itself;
  • Permanently delete files that were not overwritten on the hard drive;
  • Completely delete files that are still present on the hard drive, without having to put them in the bin.

Our opinion about Revo Uninstaller

Although it sounds complicated, Revo Uninstaller even supports even the most lazy users, who will also be able to perform preventive maintenance on their machines. Additional cleaning options are also a strong point, which makes Revo Uninstaller a complete program.

Pro & Cons


  • Completely uninstalls the applications
  • Allows the user to customize removals
  • Options that make it easy for laypeople to use
  • Creates restore points if uninstall causes problems
  • Additional cleaning options available


  • It is not automatically updated in Windows Vista

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+984 Total Rating
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