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  • Picture pazuzumaki
    pazuzumaki 23 de dezembro de 2012 - 07:20
    Rating Excellent!
    Teamspeak é extremamente leve, rápido e simples de usar. Perfeito para jogos. Um ponto que chama atenção é o Ts3 Overlay Plugin que permite mexer no TS sem necessitar fechar ou minimizar o jogo. Porém ele é incompleto, não faz chamadas por telefone, não tem chamada de vídeo etc. Você quer um programa para falar com sua família e amigos baixe um mais completo com o skype. Quer jogar, ou mesmo conversar em grupo e quer rapidez, baixe o TS.
  • Picture Vandrak
    Vandrak 18 de maio de 2011 - 11:15
    Rating Poor!
    Pelo amor de Deus o q fizeram com o TS3 esta simplesmente ruim d+++++++++++ se vc tem a versão antiga não atualize, eu fiz isso e me dei maussssss. Trava muito não responde e olha que minha net e o PC é muito bom .


Mikhael Persigili Narduci
One of the best programs not to be mute during your online games matches Install and have fun

Playing online has gone from being a fever to becoming a habit for millions of people around the world. From pioneers like Counter-Strike , to more modern games like America's Army and World of Warcraft , online games have invaded home PCs around the world.

However, there's no fun in playing having to stop typing action in the chat window every time you need to exchange information and strategies with your WoW guild or CS clan. Programs like TeamSpeak, which is called TS only by users, and Ventrilo , solve the communication problem, because regardless of the geographic region of the players, they will be able to communicate as if they were in the same place.

Janela de conversação mais moderna

Necessary equipment

You need nothing more than a headset and a microphone. Computers without these items are a thing of the past. To be able to play and chat with your clan's friends, make sure you have a good headset and microphone so they can hear you smoothly. If you don't have it, the only alternative is to keep suffering and wasting time every time you need to interact with other people in the game.


After installing TeamSpeak Client, you should ask your friend who owns TeamSpeak Server what the server address is. With the information you can connect to it and start talking to your teammates. To connect, click the "Connection" menu and then the "Quick Connect" item. In the first field of the window that will open, enter the server address as passed to you by your friend. Then enter the nickname you want others to see when you sign in.


Optionally, the server administrator can set a username and password for you. If so, enter this information in the “Login name” and “Password” fields, respectively. Do not confuse the nickname with the username.

The nickname is for your friends to identify you in open rooms on the server, while the username has the function of identifying you to the TeamSpeak system. If the connection is successful, a voice will confirm. If unable to connect, you will hear the voice saying “error”. If this happens, check with your administrator to make sure the settings you entered were correct.

Configuring Voice Capture

There are three ways to allow your microphone to send your voice through TeamSpeak. One of them, and also the most used one, is “Push-to-talk”, in which you have to hold down a key to be able to speak, and release the key when done. This setting is most commonly used because it prevents TeamSpeak from keeping the microphone enabled at all times and sending sounds that you are not speaking.

Configurações de voz

To enable push-to-talk (or push to talk), click the Settings menu and then the Setup Wizard. Settings are done in steps and "Push-To-Talk" is the second.

TIP: Try to define a key that is not used in the game. This will prevent you from giving unwanted commands during the match and eventually losing out. It is also important to choose an easily accessible key. It's no use using a program that helps you communicate if the key to activate it is out of reach.

Configurações em passos

Another microphone activation option is sound detection. If you want, you can set up Voice Activation instead of Push to talk. Use the slider to set the detection sensitivity. The farther to the left, the more sensitive it becomes and the easier it will be for the program to “listen” when you speak and play it back to anyone connected to the server.

TIP: Avoid leaving the slider in a position that makes you overly sensitive unless you really want to whisper, as sensitivity may cause the program to even detect your breathing. Use the Activate local test mode button to test your settings and adjust microphone sensitivity.

Other functions

We've detailed everything you need to know before you can start playing your favorite games and communicating with people from all over the world through your voice. Some additional features are present so that you and your friends can improve the experience with the program. There is even a recorder so that all conversations that pass through the program are recorded so you can listen later.

New version

TeamSpeak has left the RC version and is now in beta. Some improvements have been added to the new version and the most noticeable is the change in the interface, which is now more modern, with faster transfer time. In addition, users now have a global identity, allowing them to find other users from anywhere on the planet.

Our opinion about TeamSpeak Client

TeamSpeak is undoubtedly one of the most widely used programs for communication in online games. Discussing strategies, warning of enemies, and planning attacks are much better performed if the entire team is connected to TeamSpeak and listening to the group leader's instructions. Although it may seem difficult to operate, with the instructions on this page, you will have no problem using the program. Good conversations and good fighting!

Pro & Cons


  • Chat with your friends in real time while playing


  • We didn't find any negatives.

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