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The Sims 4 is the fourth title in the simulation series produced by Maxis and distributed by Electronic Arts.

Here, just like in other franchise games, you can have a virtual life - building your home, setting up a new career, making new friends, making a family and more.

As usual, the developer has implemented several improvements in the most popular simulation game in the world, and these news promise to make the game even more fun and immersive, so you really have the feeling of "live" the game.

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Increasingly with your face

One of the most significant advances of The Sims 4 happened in their system of creating Sims, the characters that populate the game. Now, the player has many more options when it comes to defining his doll's physiognomy, producing his look, choosing his animations and establishing his personality and emotions. The intention in this direction is to make Sims smarter, able to multitask and generate endless possibilities of stories.

These stories may vary according to your will. You can make your character more serious and the game play a line more true to reality or that it has a more relaxed mood and promote play more playful aspects. With the availability of ghosts, The Sims 4 can now take even more frightening course ... Huuuuu!

A world without limits

When it comes to building buildings, the fourth franchise title also features refinements. The Sims 4's virtual home-building tool is even more complete with tactile response mechanisms and modular options, making it possible to choose independent rooms.

If you are in doubt about the decoration, the game itself already brings a series of suggestions to leave your home with a more modern or traditional look. Just like in the offline world, you can change objects of place and make reforms whenever you want, just have disposition and money, of course.

Another "novelty" of The Sims 4 in this segment is the provision of pools (which had been excluded from the outset in the game), so you can call your friends for a refreshing party on hot days or simply swim to keep the body in shape. And this is how you can explore a living environment, meet exuberant neighborhoods and expand your social circle.

Our opinion about The Sims 4

Going straight to the point: those who are already fans of The Sims franchise will not regret playing the fourth title of the series. This is because this game brings a combination of features consecrated in its predecessors with new features and tools able to make it even more fun and immersive.

In addition, The Sims 4 can be a beautiful gateway to the franchise for those who do not know it, especially because it is even more dynamic and intuitive. Here, the translation into Portuguese should also be an attraction for players who do not master other languages.

Broadening horizons

One thing that pleased us a lot in The Sims 4 was the expansion of the possibilities of customization, especially in the options that refer to the appearance, personality and animations of the characters. The Sims creation system is more complete and instinctive, with reduced and reorganized menus. That way, you have more variety in the time to assemble your "doll" and even then you should not find it difficult to do so.

Another aspect that we can not fail to mention is the improvement of the tool for building houses, which now has a modular mechanism and offer the possibility of choosing independent rooms. Rather than allowing you to create more and more unique residences, this promotes the establishment of splendorous neighborhoods.

Still in relation to the setting of The Sims 4, it is important to emphasize that the common areas where the Sims can meet to talk, work out or play, offer a greater number of attractions and possibilities of interaction - rescuing something much explored in the first two franchise titles.

Lighter than ever

As for the performance of The Sims 4, we have nothing to complain about. The theoretical reduction of its world in relation to the previous title seems to have been a right decision of the producer, because the speed and the fluidity with which it is executed compensate the loss of space. Even without having a supercomputer, you can play it without noticing bigger gagging.

Pro & Cons


  • In Portuguese
  • Jogatina even more dynamic and immersive
  • Wide variety of customizable items
  • More interactive environments
  • Always play in the PC


  • We didn't find any negatives.

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