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  • Picture Jorge Miguel
    Jorge Miguel 25 de abril de 2018 - 13:40
    Rating Excellent!
    Instalei o tor em uma máquina virtual rodando Ubuntu pra acessar a Deep Web, e realmente, esse programa cumpri com o que promete. Todos os dados que trafegam entre seu computador e o servidor destino passam por três proxies diferentes com criptografia, sendo literalmente impossível alguém descobrir algo sobre você. E lendo os comentários da a se entender que esse programa é usado só para acessar a Deep Web e fazer coisas "probidias", o que não é verdade. Isso é usado principalmente para fazer navegações seguras contra hackers e corporações que desejam coletar dados sobre você tipo empresas e o governo.
  • Picture Bengaber Rocha
    Bengaber Rocha 23 de abril de 2013 - 17:36
    Rating Poor!
    Este assunto é muito importante para os novatos que estão migrando ou visitando a Deep Web. Ao contrário da crença popular, o navegador TOR não mantém o anonimato do usuário. Não?! Ele apenas configura o navegador com as configurações de SOCKS para acessar a Deep Web.


Renan Hamann
Toolkit for Internet Security and Anonymity

Tor is a toolkit for organizations and people who want more security on the internet. Using it, data traffic generated by instant messengers, browsers, SSH, and other applications using the TCP protocol becomes anonymous.

The program works from a large set of servers, maintained by users to maintain privacy while browsing, as well as eliminate content censorship. Tor also provides a platform on which developers can build new applications based on anonymity, security and security. and privacy.

Traffic is safer when using Tor, as communications are linked through a distributed network of servers called onion routers ( Onion Routers ), a project aimed at protecting and the user's right to remain anonymous on the Internet.

Rather than directing the route from source to destination, Tor network data packets take a random path through multiple servers that cover the traces so no unwelcome observer knows where they came from and where they are going. The purpose of this technology is to protect internet users from "traffic analysis", a form of network monitoring that threatens anonymity and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security.

Tor Browser - Imagem 1 do software

Graphical interface and settings

Tor's graphical interface is called Vidalia. It installs automatically and allows the user to easily access application settings.

In addition, a Firefox browser add-on allows you to enable / disable the use of Tor while browsing; This is Tor Button , which is free and included in the installation.

Traffic analysis

Traffic analysis - also known as traffic shaping - is used daily by corporations, governments, and individuals who want to keep a database of what people and organizations do on the Internet. Instead of looking at the content of communications, traffic analysis tracks where your data comes from and where it goes, as well as when it was sent and how much.

For example, companies use traffic analysis to store a record of which web pages you have visited to profile your interests. Let's say a pharmaceutical company uses this analysis when researching a niche market, monitoring a competitor's website to find out which products are of interest to you. A list of patents can be consulted, tracking all searches made.

Tor Browser - Imagem 2 do software

One of the big advantages is that Tor makes traffic analysis difficult by avoiding online data tracking, allowing you to decide whether or not to identify yourself when communicating. Security is enhanced as more people volunteer to run servers. Part of the goal of the Tor project is to experiment with the public, teaching the best ways to get online privacy.

Our opinion about Tor Browser

Tor is an essential tool for anyone who wants to surf the web anonymously. This means that websites you visit cannot track their use - unless you are browsing sites that require login - or set cookies on your computer. Tor becomes very necessary for those who do not want to have broken browsing secrecy, as with ordinary browsers.

To ensure better browsing quality, the application uses the Firefox browser as its base and is loaded in parallel with Mozilla software. Its control interface - Vidalia - is very simple and ensures ease of use of key functions, including renewing navigation identities and also creating a relay for Tor networks.

Before using it unrestrictedly, remember that all your information is anonymous, but passes through some remote servers that act as "screens." Therefore, it is recommended that pages that require accounts and passwords be accessed by standard browsers that are already in use by default.

For experienced users, the ability to fully configure the software can be a great advantage. This allows you to make all access personalized, ensuring more security and performance - according to the knowledge base of each person involved.

It is also worth remembering that the access to the uploaded pages happens through proxy servers outside the browsing pattern. Because of this, it is quite possible that some of the sites will be delayed at such times, making your connection seem a little slower than it really is.

Pro & Cons


  • Easy use
  • Full Settings
  • Allow anonymous browsing
  • Distributed Data


  • May slow navigation
  • No hard data on intermediate computers

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