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  • Picture Marcos de Faria Valadares
    Marcos de Faria Valadares 12 de fevereiro de 2016 - 15:37
    Rating Excellent!
    Meu pendrive estava corrompido após eu ter retirado ele puxando de uma vez, e por isso não conseguia abrir e formatar pelo Windows. Esse excelente programa formatou ele muito rápido e o fez voltar a funcionar. Eu havia comprado até outro pendrive achando que tinha estragado ele. Agora eu tenho dois :D!
  • Picture Hebert
    Hebert 25 de outubro de 2011 - 02:54
    Rating Poor!
    O meu mp3 estava com um problema onde eu clicava nele para abrir e ele pedia para ser formatado, fiz de tudo e não consegui formata-lo, instalei antivirus pensando que era virus dentro dele e nada, vi esse programa, baixei e formtatei meu mp3 com ele, o resltado foi que consegui formtar meu mp3 e agora estou usando ele normalmente. O programa é rápido, simples e pequeno,vale a pena baixar.


Douglas Leandro Pereira
Program capable of formatting flash drives with FAT, FAT32, or NTFS file systems

USB Disk Storage Format Tool is a tool to assist in formatting a USB drive. It allows you to create a USB flash drive that can boot at system startup. So you can use a USB drive to boot your system in case Windows fails to boot.

This failure can occur when there is an error in the automatic installation process of a new version of the operating system. Or when someone or something (maybe a virus) deletes the files that boot Windows.

To work around the problem, you can create a bootable USB drive. To do so, install USB Disk Storage Format Tool and insert a flash drive into your machine, open the program and select the device in the first option.

If you have Windows 98 installation files, check “Create DOS startup disk” and select the folder that contains the startup DOS files. Select the FAT32 file system and click "Start" to begin formatting.

ATTENTION! All data on the USB stick will be deleted and cannot be recovered later. If you do not have Windows 98, just format the removable and copy the three hard drive boot files (C: \) to the flash drive: boot.ini , ntldr and ntdetect . Now you just need to configure your BIOS to boot from the flash drive.

Use sistemas diferentes para formatar seu Pendrive.

Our opinion about USB Disk Storage Format Tool

USB Disk Storage Format Tool is quite simple. At startup, it identifies the USB drive automatically and allows you to format the USB stick with FAT, FAT32, or NTFS file systems.

Use the FAT32 system to install Windows 3.0, 95, 98, and ME operating systems. For newer ones, such as XP and Vista, it is recommended to use the NTFS file system.

Pro & Cons


  • Format a USB stick easily on FAT, FAT32 and NTFS systems.


  • It has no formatting guidelines.

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+141 Total Rating
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