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Danilo Amoroso
Torrent client to take with you and use when it is needed

uTorrent Portable is a portable version of the already known uTorrent, serving you to manage the download of torrent files on your computer. This way, you'll be able to manage this type of content more easily, eliminating the need to install a client to perform the task.

As usually happens with this type of application, it also supports magnet links and it creates a download queue, allowing you to add multiple files at once. It is worth remembering that the program can consume a considerable amount of your Internet band, being possible to limit this feature in the configurations.

By means of torrent

There are files that have a larger size and their sharing on the internet used to be very difficult before the existence of torrent clients. This is because this type of transmission allows you to send and receive content in stages using shares made by those who use the application worldwide.

Baixando torrents

So it goes without saying that torrent has quickly become a popular method for swapping files over the network. If you are looking for a client option for the task, uTorrent Portable can certainly help you. With it, you have the practicality of the traditional model of the program, but with the possibility of carrying on your pendrive.

The application only requires its unpacking, dispensing installations and running without any kind of problem. The interface of the program follows a traditional model, displaying the items on the left side and the progress of the operations in the right portion of the display. By default, it comes completely ready for use.


Still, you can go through the settings to customize the access port, add a proxy, limit bandwidth usage, set a maximum number of downloads and active uploads, among other features.


In general it is possible to say that the operation of the program is very similar to that of other clients to download torrents, and those who already use them should not find it more difficult to operate the application. To add a file to the download, you can drag the item to the screen, use the "Ctrl + O" shortcut or go through the "Add" menu and choose the "Add torrent" alternative.

Na Bandeja do sistema

Regardless of the way you choose, once the content is added, the download process starts and you can follow it normally as if you were using any other client on your computer.

Our opinion about uTorrent Portable

uTorrent Portable is a good program for those who usually download torrents quite frequently. The main advantage of it is in the fact of being portable, allowing you to use it free of making facilities on the computer and carry easily with you on a pendrive, for example.

The application interface is very intuitive, and if you have already used any other client for the task, you are already somewhat familiar with how it works. The same is true for those who have had experience with uTorrent itself, since this application remains exactly the same as the original client.

Generally speaking, there are two sectors, one containing separate items in topics and the other for management itself. With regard to the tools, you can find them in both the menus and the button shape. The application is now completely ready for use without manual configurations.

However, you can use some preferences to optimize your usage, such as taking advantage of limitations or even applying a proxy. There are several ways to add a torrent and the application uses the queue system, allowing you to put multiple of them at the same time - something that can streamline the process.

It is worth remembering that the download process is not accelerated through this software, because it only provides a manager. In addition, it only supports files that are in torrent format, not serving as a tool for downloading content with other formats.

Pro & Cons


  • Wheel from the pendrive
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive use
  • Creates downloads queue
  • Various configurations available


  • Entirely in English

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