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  • Picture Moisés Justino
    Moisés Justino 23 de janeiro de 2015 - 13:01
    Rating Excellent!
    Gostei do WhatsApp Web, pois ele apresenta uma Interface bem limpa o que deve ser mesmo. Vantagem: Poder acessar WhatsApp por meio de um navegador Desvantagem: Falta ainda muitos dos recursos que tem na versão Mobile,como o envio de Vídeos e Musicas. Embora,seja possível acessar pelo navegador é preciso esta ainda conectado na internet,porem para mim não vejo como um problema. Preso ao navegador Chrome, Ponto de vista: O WhatsApp Web para mim foi perfeito,embora que tenha outras alternativas de poder acessar,mas pelo navegador ficou muito massa mesmo. É claro que ainda tem muito que melhorar,mas os Desenvolvedores esta no caminho certo.Quando for possível enviar Vídeos, Musicas, acessar sem a necessidade de esta conectado pelo Smartphone e poder utilizar o navegador preferido, com toda certeza esta versão do WhatsApp Web será a melhor forma,em fim é a minha opinião.
  • Picture destrosser
    destrosser 26 de janeiro de 2018 - 20:31
    Rating Poor!
    Este programa não é uma versão para quem não tem um celular com leitor QR. Será que algum dia farão uma versão do whats app para quem só tem pc? Penso que, uma vez cadastrado por um celular, a versão pc não deveria mais precisar do celular para nada pois já existe o número do mesmo no cadastro e a autenticação deveria ser universal, ou seja, um sms para celulares antigos cuja resposta se digita no pc


Ana Paula Pereira
Wanting an online version of WhatsApp to chat with your contacts right on your computer? WhatsApp Web is the solution

WhatsApp web

WhatsApp Web, as its name suggests, is a program for you to access the app of the same name directly from your browser.

This is an official version of the WhatsApp developers designed to make it easier for you to chat when using your computer.

However, to use the program you must have the Google Chrome browser installed, as the service is only compatible with this browser. Similarly, you must have an active WhatsApp account created through your smartphone, as well as activate the service, as shown below.

WhatsApp Web Activation Online

Once you have an active service account on your smartphone, activating WhatsApp Web is really quite simple. To do this, after accessing the link provided by Baixaki, you need to open your mobile app and, on the contacts screen, press the radio button available in the upper right corner of the screen.

Fazendo a sincronização

That done, select the alternative "WhatsApp Web" and confirm its use. So, just bring the open reader on your smartphone to the QR code displayed on the service homepage and wait a few moments. At the end of the procedure, your conversations will be displayed on the browser screen so you can use the application.

Still, it is important to note that your device must remain connected for data synchronization. Ideally, you should opt for a WiFi connection to avoid overusing your carrier's plan.

Accessing WhatsApp Directly from Your Computer

Even if WhatsApp does not need big presentations, for those who don't know it, it is a simple instant messaging communicator via smartphone. The program offers the ability to set up individual or group text conversations where you can include images, freshly taken photos, videos, documents and even your location.

Trocando mensagens de texto

WhatsApp Web's interface is virtually identical to that displayed on mobile devices and also resembles, to some extent, other existing applications for the task. When you open the program, it shows the contacts on the left side and, for each of them, the history of conversations made by the version installed on your smartphone (if you have recorded activities).

When you select a contact, the space on the right side becomes available for you to make the conversation. Text is only sent by typing the desired sentence and using the keyboard Enter or the button available on the program screen. The emoticons are right next to the message box and have the same traditional organization as the app.

Enviando mídia

The web version of WhatsApp only allows you to attach images that are on your computer (including the drag-to-screen system) and photos taken on the spot by your webcam. As with the mobile app, you can view the contact profile and general information for each individual or group.

File sharing has a specific button to complete the action, located at the bottom of the interface. If you want, you can also turn on desktop notifications and always know when someone sends you a new message and you have your browser minimized, for example.

Our opinion about WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is a good alternative for those looking for a way to use the homonymous messaging service through their computer. The program has some limitations, such as if you can create a new chat with a contact, however, there is no option to set up a group.

Still, if you have a group already ready for your smartphone version, you can usually chat with members just like other chats. As is customary for this type of application, the program allows you to interact only with others who also have it installed on some device.

The account synchronization system only requires you to scan the QR code with immediate activation. However, if you are idle for a long time, you will need to redo the operation to open the service screen again. Also, your smartphone must remain connected to the internet.
This is necessary as the application immediately syncs exchanged messages.

So ideally you should do so over a WiFi connection to avoid overuse of your data plan.

Familiar interface

The software interface is sleek and adopts the same display and option system as the smartphone version. Similarly, it brings some familiarity to use for those who already use messaging clients on the computer, making it easier to use. The functions are performed in a few clicks, and have prominent buttons and easy to view.

In addition, the application is very light and consumes few computer resources, especially when compared to other applications. However, as much as the application is web-based, it can only be opened through the Google Chrome browser, which is a bad feature of the service.
The desktop notification system is working correctly, so you can be notified if you receive a message and the browser is minimized, for example.

Exchanging messages

Messages are exchanged normally by the web client and you can send text, images and photos taken with your webcam. In the case of the second item, the program usually accepts the option of "dragging" it to the chat window. However, videos are not supported nor are voice messages.

Remember that as the program synchronizes data with your device, WhatsApp will continue to interact normally on your smartphone, making sounds and notifications even if you are using the web client.

Pro & Cons


  • Interface with same organization as smartphone app
  • Account sync is a pretty easy process
  • Messages synced correctly
  • Perfectly functioning messaging
  • Contacts obtained automatically


  • Works only on Chrome
  • Not allow to set up chat groups
  • Your smartphone must stay connected to the internet
  • File upload is limited to images

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