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Updated : 26/11/2019 Microsoft

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  • Picture Polvilho Piracanjuba
    Polvilho Piracanjuba 30 de janeiro de 2020 - 12:59
    Rating Excellent!
    Media Player 11, o Melhor de Todos os Tempos, Indiscutivel,, não Entendo a Microsoft, Porque Mudanças se faz Para melhor, mas nesse Caso já que nunca Conseguiram fazer outro melhor, então em Time que esta ganhando não se mexe ! ,, na minha Opnião deveria ter Continuou ele nos Window seguintes !
  • Picture RafaelTR
    RafaelTR 3 de março de 2012 - 15:19
    Rating Poor!
    Esse player morreu no tempo mesmo. Como a Microsoft uma mega empresa, a maior desenvolvedora de software do mundo não tem vergonha do Windows Media Player? Hoje em dia qualquer player de 5º categoria é capaz de rodar filmes em dual audio nativamente e isso é só uma das coisas importantes que um player hoje em dia deve ter, e o Windows Media player falta essa entre outras coisas importantes.


Gustavo Bonato Abrão
Do not miss the news of this wonderful media player Final version and in Portuguese, it is too much

Microsoft has just released the definitive version of its newest media player, Windows Media Player 11!

WMP now has a different look, getting ready for the new graphical interface of the next generation of Microsoft's operating system - Windows Vista - and also has some new tools to make life easier and bring more comfort to the user. Check out the features of the new Windows Media Player now.

Conheça o Windows Media Player 11!

Simple and modern design

With the rise in the popularity of digital media formats from the increasing use of information technology and the internet, more and more people have access to media content. To meet this demand of users, Windows Media Player now has a much simpler and more beautiful interface, allowing user comfort to navigate, watch and listen to your music, videos and other digital content.

Shortcuts and Broadcasts

The software interface is now much cleaner, since the classic menus are off by default. But do not worry, because they are still accessible with a right-click.

Menu clássico do player.

Easy access to options and settings

With the right mouse button or the down arrow, activities are revealed in the menu options for listening, ripping, organizing, or synchronizing content with maximum speed.

Back and forward buttons

The incorporation of forward and back buttons have made the program simpler and easier to use for you to navigate through without getting lost.

Playback and status controls remodeled

The new playback buttons are also more beautiful and easy to use. Now with just one click you change the look of the program to see EQ, album or playback status thumbnails.

Modo reduzido de reprodução.

New Features

Discover new music

One of the main novelties is the music service URGE, from MTV, which is able to join the player to add songs in your collection. You'll have access to more than 2 million songs from all genres and even exclusive songs from CMT, VH1 and MTV.


This new Windows Media Player service will include playlists, radio stations, music blogs, artist profiles and stories. With it you can buy music and CDs from all your favorite bands and access super-legal content about the musical world.

Ripping CDs

Ripping music CDs to your computer is easier. The new version will allow you to download your WMA and MP3 songs so you can choose audio quality and get information about them automatically.

Copiando CDs.

Organize your music

Navigation through the music library is also simpler and faster. With a whole new layout, you can view your playlists by artists, albums, songs, genres, years and ratings. Plus you'll have a redesigned search system to quickly find your music in your collection.


Create playlists just by dragging the songs or albums to the list pane with a completely redesigned system to offer greater speed and comfort to the program operator.

Solta o som DJ!

Synchronization and portable media

WMP has new synchronization tools for you to sync your music to portable media players. The program is completely renovated and filled with useful tools. Be sure to check out the new version of one of the most popular and used media players worldwide!

Our opinion about Windows Media Player 11

With modern look, efficiency, new features and ease of use, Windows Media Player remains one of the most viable and popular options among video and music players.

The URGE tool, which provides a closer interaction between the user and content related to the world of music available on the internet. Synchronization with portable devices is another function that deserves our attention. The ability to access content from your MP3 player or USB stick is another differential of Windows Media.

The completely revamped interface can make the initial user experience a bit confusing. However, after adapting to the new layout, the practicality of finding the desired media is significantly increased.

Another criticism to this player is its incompatibility with some codecs (being necessary the installation of some package for the execution of certain formats of videos or music).

The high use of RAM may restrict the use of this version of the player on machines with limited performance. Apart from these hassles, Media Player is a complete and very strong program in this fight between multimedia.

Pro & Cons


  • Design
  • Easy functions


  • High usage of RAM
  • Poor compatibility with some codecs

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+1.613 Total Rating
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