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    Tinha gostado bastante, até que após postar uma foto de um palco no show na praia minha conta foi excluída aleatoriamente sem quaisquer explicações e sem retorno do Instagram em querer resolver o problema. Inclusive li na imprensa especializada que isto tem acontecido em um número grande de usuários. Não acho um aplicativo confiável.


Renan Roesler Hamann
The world's most popular photo app gets a new look

IPhones and iPod Touch users, unite. Not sure how? With Instagram, an iOS app that promises to rescue the photographer spirit that exists within each one. That's right, the app is kind of like Flickr for the iPhone, allowing users to send their photos to all their friends.

The first step for users to do is to create an account on the service. For this it is necessary to click on the "Sign up" button that is at the bottom of the interface. After that, enter your registration details, such as name, email and password to create the account. Then just click on "Done" and start having fun.

The social network

In the “Popular” tab are the photos with the most comment and the positive likes. They can be accessed by any user who also has the right to comment on the posted photo. If you like what you are seeing, you can still access the user's profile and view all their photos.

Instagram - Imagem 1 do softwareInstagram - Imagem 2 do software

In each profile there is also the “Follow” option, allowing users to follow their favorite photographers and have access to photos via feeds on the homepage, similar to what happens with Twitter. To post your own photos you need to press the "Share" button. At this moment the camera works in iOS4 default mode, being controlled by the same buttons. After capturing the image, you will be redirected to a new effects add window.

Just click on them to get previews of the results. There are several effects of images, very simple, but quite interesting. When you find the one that best fits the photo you want to post, press "Next."

Arriving at the last customization screen, enter a short text to tell other users what this photo represents (What?), Where it was taken (Where? Optional). Then choose whether you want to post the photo to any of the available social networks (Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Foursquare or Tumblr).

Foto tratada na rede

Now click on "Done" and you're done. In addition to placing the photo in the feed list of all your registered contacts, it is also available in your device images folder and can be exported to your computer without any problems.



After being purchased by one of the largest and most popular social networks in the world, Facebook, Instagram is starting to make some improvements. The update to version 2.5.0 brings a fix pack for the frequently occurring errors on the devices, as well as adding some interesting news.

The first of these has to do directly with the social network that is the new owner of the application. Photos you like on Instagram will automatically be shared on your Facebook page. When you start the program, it asks if you really want to allow this functionality.

Instagram - Imagem 4 do softwareInstagram - Imagem 5 do software

However, this is not required. You can disable this functionality if you do not want sharing to be done. To do this, just follow the path Profile> Settings> Sharing> Facebook and choose “No” when you are asked to automatically post your liked photos.

Instagram Direct

Instagram has recently released a new feature that comes in front of other content sharing tools. Instagram Direct allows you to send images to your friends privately, so only those who receive the photo can view it.

Thus, with Instagram Direct you are able to send the images and, in addition, exchange messages through the comments made in the photographs. The cool thing is that you can tag multiple people, something that almost allows the creation of a "chat room" within the post.

Everything comes up in real time and perhaps because of this, the tool may end up also bothering instant messaging services such as WhatsApp, for example, widely used by those who want to share photos with certain people, but do not want the files to be public.

New ways to find content

In addition to this function, Instagram's update also offers a new tab called “Explore”. It is for you to search friends and images in the content of the photo network, in a way replacing the old "Popular" tab. You can search through terms as well as hashtags, abusing the autocomplete function that comes with the new search box.

Another change that can be noticed is the improvement of the part of the app comments on iOS devices. You can now view all the text you are typing, not just the last part of it, as it was before.

Instagram - Imagem 6 do softwareInstagram - Imagem 7 do software

Finally, it is worth mentioning that from now on you can also access the image gallery of the device without even leaving the Instagram screen: just press and hold the icon of the function that activates the camera. The update can be downloaded for free through the iTunes store.

New look

Finally, Instagram now has a new look, which has a much more minimalist appeal and focused on content. The app has smoother lines, and brings some cool visuals - like icons for selecting social sharing networks. The traditional app icon has also been completely revamped. The new logo features the rainbow color palette in the previous icons, but now they are part of a gradient at the bottom of the image. The camera no longer looks that old but still looks like a camera enough to help identify the app.

Our opinion about Instagram

Indispensable for those who like photos! Simple as that, Instagram has turned into a fever and has thousands upon thousands of active users. Its operation is very good and does not show slow to update or receive images. The connection to social networks is great, with almost instant postings on all of them - of course your Wi-Fi or 3G connection will have an effect on the result.

Even those who are not used to apps like this will not have any difficulty using Instagram: everything is very well organized on the screen, with a polished look and extremely well done by the developers. And it would not be for less: an app aimed at photography lovers needs, a lot, to cherish for an attractive style and that and app right in the right.

Filters, frames and effects

The 24 filters available do the trick when it comes to personalization. It could be bigger, yes, of course, but that is not a defect. Some of the filters offer custom frames and the app could offer some extras to further enhance the photographs.

One point that Instagram could offer is the creation of montages. In this item, it is worth recommending the use of external apps, such as Photo Grid, to meet this need for customization. There are three blur options, enough to apply blur style effects to your images.

Another factor that most network users miss is in relation to cropping photos. You will not always get a perfect frame because the cut range is limited. So the tip is always to try to do it vertically, really centering what you want to highlight for your friends.

Videos, we love it!

After Facebook bought Instagram, the first thing that hit it was the inclusion of the video capture feature. You can create small recordings and share on the social network for everyone to see. The feature works with both current captures and uploading old videos saved on the device.

Remember that the video can have a maximum of 60 seconds. In this respect, we have nothing to complain about, it is an extremely sufficient time to share everything! With importing videos, you need to be aware that you will have to cut it if it exceeds this time limit.

In general, anyone who likes photos and having fun with friends needs to have Instagram installed on their smartphone. It's easy for you to add your Facebook friends and create a network full of photos to impress the crowd.

Pro & Cons


  • Easy use
  • Lots of features
  • Interesting effects


  • We didn't find any negatives.

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